Dogs are great companions, but driving with them is hectic sometimes. As a dog owner, I understand that dogs can be quite curious and restless, which makes them want to move around in the car. Their movements are a source of distraction even though sometimes they just want to express their affection. Some level of distraction is welcome in life but not when I am behind the wheel. I love my dog enough and I take it as my responsibility to drive us to our destination safely. As a responsible driver and pet owner, I embarked on looking for a comfortable way of restraining my dog.

I found Dog Seat Belts for Cars as the best option because I usually travel for short distances with my dogs. Seat belts for dogs are also very simple to use, they do not take up much space in the car and double-up as leashes when walking your dog. Another alternative is a dog car seat booster but I find these very bulky and not ideal for the big dog species.

In my quest to find the best dog car seat belt, I was thrilled to see so many choices in the market that I was confused on which type to purchase. My experience made me realize how hard it can be for every dog owner to choose the best dog seat belt. I decided to share some reviews for the best dog seat belts on Amazon to save you as a dog owner from the stress I went through.


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Kurgo Dog Harness — DR966 Pet Walking Harness

You need something that is lightweight & easy to put on your dog because adventures happen every day. The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with quick release buckles is the ideal starter everyday harness for your pet. With plastic easy on/off buckles, padded chest, & five adjustment points, it’s designed to keep your dog comfortable on your daily walk or run. Rear clip for normal walking, & front clip for no pull training. Also includes 10” dog car seat belt tether to attach to your car seat belt system. (Harness is not crash tested; seat belt tether is for restraint purposes only). The Tru-Fit Smart Harness comes in a range of colors and sizes. Cool for cats too.

  • Easy on & off, adjustable walking harness
  • Quick release plastic buckles for easy on & off
  • Front & Back D-Ring
  • 5 adjustment points to fit a wide range of dog sizes & breeds
  • Daily walking & light adventures. Perfect "starter" harness for new pets.
  • The seat belt length is not adjustable.

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness — Pet Car Harness Vehicle Seat Belt with Adjustable Strap

This harness is made of 100% polyester oxford fabric that make it soft and lightweight yet durable. The harness comes with a car seat belt fitted with stainless steel snap hook designed to meet industry standards for easy attachment to the compatible part of the seat belt attached to the car. The car seat belt’s length is adjustable to give the dog enough flexibility regardless of its size.


The harness offers a comfortable grip because it has a wide padded chest plate. This plate reduces the choking feeling on the dog in case of a sudden stop when driving and reducing the tension on its body when the dog is running. The harness offer full body support as opposed to the neck collars, which build tension along the neck region. The seat belt is attached on the lower part of the seat thus making it more comfortable for the dog.

  • Driving Safety Comes First
  • Easy to Use & Wide Compatibility
  • Detachable Seat Belt for Different Usages
  • High Quality, Light Weight, Comfortable
  • For Small & Medium dog Breeds
  • The fabric making the seat belt is chewable by aggressive dogs.

BWOGUE 2 Packs Dog Cat Safety Seat Belt — The Best Headrest Restraining Pet Belt

This car seat belt is made of tangle-free nylon fabric to ensure easy fixing and adjustment on the car seat’s Headrest. It can be adjusted to a length of between 18 and 30 inches, which means that you can also use it as a leash when walking the dog or securing it to an object.

The car seat belt is safe for use with a harness as opposed to a neck collar. This reduces the likelihood of hurting the dog in the event that it falls from the seat while still attached to the belt by shifting the tension to the entire body and not just the neck. Since the harness is attached to the upper part of a car seat, it is crucial to adjust it at the perfect length by not making it too short or too long.

  • Prone to damage: It can be destroyed by aggressive dogs since it is not chew proof.

BWOGUE 2 Packs 3-in-1 — Dog Seat Belt Dog Car Harness Adjustable Elastic

This car seat belt tether comes in 31 different color shades. It has a stainless steel clip that is designed according to industry standards to fit in various car models. However, it is not compatible with Volvo thus putting owners of this model of cars at a disadvantage. The seat belt is easily attached to female part of the built-in car seat belt.

The car seat belt comes as a stand-alone product meaning that the user has to source a harness and a collar leash separately. The manufacturers recommend using the belt with a dog harness and not a neck collar to prevent injury to the dog in case of an accident. The seat belt is washable in normal machines albeit with cold water and at the gentle cycle to prevent it from shrinking or damaging the machine due to the metallic parts.

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  • Adjustable length for use with different sizes of pets.

  • Not compatible with Volvo car models thus the options of some pet owners.

Vastar 2 Packs Adjustable — Pet Dog Cat Car Seat Belt Safety Leads Vehicle Seatbelt Harness

This car seat belt is made of nylon fabric thereby making it durable and comfortable. It is available in pairs for pet owners with both a dog and a cat or with two of each. Even so, the seat belt is adjustable to suit different sizes of pets and to offer them the comfort of either sitting, standing or lying down when travelling.

The seat belt is fitted with solid zinc allow swivel buckles for easy fixing with on the car and at the back of the pet’s harness. They however should not be used with a neck collar to prevent accidental choking of the pet. Pet owners are also advised to check whether the 2cm buckle clip is compatible with their car’s seat belt before purchase to prevent unnecessary inconveniences after purchase.

  • Adjustable length: The seat belt can be used with different sizes of pets.

  • Durable: It is made with durable nylon fabric and zinc allow buckles.

  • Compatibility: It can be used with different car models.

  • Pet owners have to source compatible harness separately.

  • The seat belt is only compatible with cars that have 2cm buckle size.

Buyer’s Guide -Reviews

When you decide to buy the best dog car seat belts, you must consider various features. While some features might vary from one pet owner to another, others are necessary for the car dog seat belts to be worthy of your attention and money. In my experience, the following are the main features that I consider I have never been disappointed.


Before I purchase a dog seat belt car seat, I consider the size of my dog and check whether the options available in the market are adjustable to my dog’s needs. Fixed ones are not the best dog seat belt to buy because they might not fit your dog. Adjustable seat belts also function as leashes for your dog, which is an added advantage. You also want to buy dog seat belts that are compatible to your harness and car model.


Nobody wishes to keep buying the same thing every day and dogs’ seat belts for cars are no different. Even as you consider the quality of the product, you must also consider the nature of your dog. Some dogs love to chew on things and might chew themselves free if you buy chewable dogs car seat belts instead of non-chewable type.

Safety and Comfort

Even as you want your dog to be restrained, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. You can achieve this by purchasing dog car seats seat belts that fit your dog well and have tension control systems like chest pads. This is where the flexibility of the seat belt comes in handy to ensure that it is neither too tight nor too lose to achieve the intended purpose.

Price versus value

The best dog seat belt for cars are not cheap. As a dog owner, you want to get the value for your money by choosing the option that promises more value. Cheap is not always poor in quality and expensive is not always good in quality. It is wise to consider the features that the product offers and compare it with the price to determine whether it is worth it.


The types of seat belts for dogs vary based on where they are attached in the car, whether they are adjustable or not, as well as the material they are made of. All of these types are effective in restraining a dog and the level of comfort and safety vary with each type as discussed in the following subsections.

Headrest and Belt Buckle types

There is the type that is attached on the headrest, another types is attached on the car seat belt buckle, while others are attached on the car’s seat belt directly. The type attached on the headrest is more suitable for the big dog species while those attached on the belt and belt buckle are suitable for smaller dogs. Even so, all types can work for both small and big dogs as long as you ensure that the seat belt is long enough to give the dog the freedom to sleep and sit in comfortable positions but still short enough to keep it restrained.

Adjustable and fixed types

Adjustable seat belts can be used for different sizes of dogs. It is also possible to use some adjustable car seat belts for dogs as a leash for walking or securing a dog outdoors. The fixed type on the contrary is suitable for specific types of dogs and they are tricky to buy unless you are sure they will fit your dog.

Oxford Nylon blend fabric and Steel rope types

The best type of dog seat belt material varies depending on the type of dog that you own. The nylon fabric is the most commonly used material because it makes seat belts that are strong enough to handle the weight of the dog but they can be easily damaged by aggressive dogs. The no-chew types are made from steel ropes and they are best for seat belts for bad dogs. The no-chew type give you piece of mind knowing that your dog is in the car with seat belt.


Train your dog to use the seat belt from a young age     

Dogs can be quite anxious if they are introduced to something new or a new environment. If you are lucky enough to own a puppy, train it gradually by restraining it from a young age so that it can get used to it. Otherwise, training an adult dog can be tricky though not impossible. You can introduce them to a dog seat belt gradually by starting with short distances before you take them on a long journey so that they can learn to remain calm. Seat belting a dog that is anxious is the same as travelling with one that has no seat belt because it will be fighting to free itself, which is even more distracting.

Buy the right size and right quality dog car seat belt

You might think that you know your dog but you would be surprised to find that you are no expert when it comes to choosing the best seat belt for dogs. When looking for seat belt for dogs buy the adjustable ones to ensure that it is neither too small nor too big for your dog. Adjustable dog car seat belts can also be used for different sizes of dogs so you can still use it if you got another dog. Besides, make sure that you understand your dogs behavior that so you can make the right decision on whether to buy normal nylon fabric seat belts or you need the special steel rope to prevent your dog from chewing it.


Best rated dog seat belts that are crash tested and approved by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) are allowed for travel on aero planes especially for service and emotional support dogs.

Questions and Answers

Heaters powered by electricity have many merits and positive sides. First, they are very efficient and reliable units that allow heating the closed area over a very short period of time. Second, they are packed with many handy features like thermostat regulation and some others. A range of features present in each unit entirely depends on the manufacturer. Third, they are of compact size and can be placed even in a small space, and their size also makes them very lightweight and easily transportable. Finally, they do not waste the emitted fumes so they work very efficiently and safely and have hardly any downsides.

This category of heaters operates on gas or propane which is delivered to the unit through a fuel valve positioned inside the device and ignited by a special sparker attached to it. The fuel allows warming the exchanger of heat and activating a specially designed fan that eventually distributes warm air across the garage. The heat is basically produced through the heat exchanger and is passed into the air all over the designated space. The ease of use and extreme convenience make these heaters highly popular with garage owners. 

These heaters will hardly ever lose their popularity as they have numerous benefits. Thus, they are extremely powerful and efficient allowing for quick and effortless heating of the space. Furthermore, the louvers can be controlled to direct heat towards any area you wish. There is also a splendid variety of sizes to suit spaces of all parameters. Therefore, they are almost versatile as they can be used for larger and smaller areas alike, and they are capable of covering really wide spaces. They are also produced from very durable materials, the quality of which will hardly leave any doubts about their reliability. Finally, it’s much cheaper to maintain them in good order especially because they require little maintenance and their life span is highly impressive. Just because they are considerably more powerful than other heating units like electric ones, their popularity will hardly ever fade out, and they continue to be especially widespread in areas with cold climate. 

Final Word

When selecting a heater for a garage or other settings, it is worth considering which type will suit your preferences the most but it is even more important to estimate the correct size and consider other aspects before making a purchase. You need to pay close attention to many factors and issues; and it is also advisable to make a quick investigation before you land at the final decision. Nonetheless, you don’t need to do all this on your own. Just read our trusted heater reviews and follow the tips provided by our experts to be certain that your choice is well-grounded and meets all your expectations and demands. Disregarding what heater you choose, we are pretty confident that it will serve you successfully for a long term as it is definitely a must-have addition to any home. 

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