Garage floors are commonly made from concrete and, therefore, are susceptible to much abuse caused by intense moisture and spills of toxic chemicals, oil, and other substances. For this reason, the floor will sooner or later start looking worn out. This can be improved using either a paint coating applied to the floor or special covers that do not just make the floor look more attractive but also protect it from too early aging and make the cleaning process a lot simpler. 

Luckily, nowadays the choice of floor covers is impressive so you can pick the most appropriate option easily and with minimum effort. Nonetheless, a lot of factors are still to be considered like the affordability or durability of each option. The following buying guide is aimed at helping you to make a well-grounded decision and pick the best-fitting floor mat for your garage.


Top 5 Best Garage Floor Mats

AutoFloorGuard Containment Mat AutoFloorGuard Containment Mat — Best-Rated Mat for Extra Protection Best-Rated Mat for Extra Protection

This is a very durable floor mat produced from sturdy materials of the commercial level. It will fit everyone who wishes to ensure complete protection of the floor in their garage. It’s made according to the state-of-the-art innovations and doesn’t require any assembly whatsoever. Besides, it’s incredibly easy to wash which adds functionality and practicality to its design. As soon as you spread it out, it will be fully ready for use. 

Nevertheless, it has a few minor flaws. Simply because it’s not attached to the floor, it can slightly move while you drive in or in other circumstances. This can be a bit inconvenient, and you might need to change the way it is positioned every so often. In spite of all of this, it still offers great protection from wet and damp conditions.

  • Not slippery due to the Seam Side Up feature;
  • Made from top-quality materials resistant to any contaminants;
  • Provides full protection from wet conditions and dampness;
  • Doesn’t need to be assembled;
  • Easy to wash.
  • Cannot be fixed so it can change its position.

Armor All AAGFMC22 Garage Floor Mat — Perfect Mat Resistant to Dirt and Oil

This mat is added with a special absorbent technology that allows protecting the floor from external liquids like snow or rain. It’s also waterproof on the reverse side so you may not worry about the contaminants getting soaked into it. The installation procedure is not difficult at all, and it is extremely easy to wash it and adjust its position on the floor. To add up to its numerous benefits, it’s produced in the US, and this leaves no doubts about its quality. 

However, it’s pretty hard to make it lie flat after you unroll it because it can be too wrinkled so it may take some time for you to deal with all the creases and wrinkles. It is also made from a not very sturdy material which is not resistant to dirt and footmarks. Therefore, you might need to wash it quite frequently. Luckily, it’s not very difficult to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or some other cleaning tools.

  • Lightweight and waterproof on the back side;
  • Easy to change the way it is positioned;
  • Easy to wash;
  • Absorbs any water like rain or snow with ease;
  • Not difficult to install;
  • Produced in the USA;
  • Makes the surface perfect by hiding stains and other imperfections on the floor.
  • Easily gets dirty;
  • Not easy to eradicate wrinkles and make it lie flat.

BLT G-Floor Garage Floor Mat — Very Affordable yet Durable Mat of Great Quality

This is a perfect option for everyone who wishes to protect their garage floor from any contaminants like water, debris or dirt. Its surface is ribbed so it keeps liquids away from the floor and protects it from stains. It’s produced by a reputable US manufacturer which has also made sure that it is added with a durable top coating resistant to stains. As a result, you get a perfect solution to protect the floor from chemical substances, debris and water so you’ll no longer face the problems of spills or leakage. 

Nevertheless, it may seem a bit slippery as it is produced from plastic. Besides, it is quite difficult to smooth it out as it forms crinkles and creases so you might need to invest a bit of an effort to eradicate all those wrinkles.

  • Reasonably priced;
  • Made in the US;
  • Resistant to stains, water, and toxic chemicals;
  • Blocks any spills or leaks;
  • Ribbed surface;
  • High quality of fabrics.
  • Not easy to make it even and smooth;
  • A bit slippery.

TruContain CM7916 Containment Mat — Splendid Protection against Liquids or Dirt

This product is manufactured by a reputable TruContain trademark that offers floor mats of splendid quality and guarantees maximum reliability and functionality. This mat can be fixed to the floor in just several minutes, and it comes in a very appealing shade of grey. It’s produced from not very lightweight fabric, and this makes it many times stronger and a lot more durable. It perfectly safeguards the floor from water or debris, and it’s also not hard to wash its surface as it has special texture. In addition, it comes with a one-year warranty, and you are even provided with a full-refund option to make you fully satisfied. 

Still, some users may find it not very comfortable as it may become somewhat slippery when it gets wet. Besides, it is not a simple task to eliminate crinkles and other imperfections when you first spread it out so you might have to invest a significant effort to make it completely smooth.

  • Heavy and strong;
  • Attractive styling and color;
  • Little assembly needed;
  • Comes with a warranty and money-back option;
  • Has special texture making it easy to wash.
  • Hard to get rid of crinkles;
  • Too slippery when it gets wet.

Auto Care Products Heavy Duty Garage Mat — Quality Mat for Keeping Your Floor Clean

With this mat, any mud or dirt from your car will not affect the surface of the floor. It is a splendid way to keep the floor clean and flawless at all times. It’s manufactured from strong fabrics and is surprisingly easy and fast to fix. What’s more, it’s not slippery at all. All this is backed up by a long term of warranty of up to three years. You won’t have any trouble protecting your floor from liquids and spills either so it’s an awesome choice for all circumstances. 

However, it still has certain flaws. Although it is rather durable and made from quality fabrics, you should not expect it to last for too long as after several years, it may wear out substantially. But it is still a perfect option for not very unfavorable conditions and not harsh exploitation.

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  • Forms no wrinkles;
  • Heavy-duty and strong;
  • Easy to fix;
  • Protects from all sorts of contaminants;
  • Keeps the floor neat and tidy.
  • Not meant to last long as it is sensitive to wear and tear;
  • Not suitable for harsh conditions and rapid changes in temperature.

Buyer’s Guide

The floor in the garage is vulnerable to different types of contaminants, spills, and water. If your floor is made from concrete, it will last a lot longer if it has some kind of covering over it. And it will also be easier to keep it clean at all times. Using a special floor covering over the floor surface will easily let you make your garage look tidier. Covering options can be of different types while the selection of materials is also very diverse. The materials of garage mats, for example, can include plastic or rubber among many others. 

It’s very easy to hide stains, cracks, and other imperfections using a good-quality floor covering so there are lots of benefits of such products. To help you keep your floor in perfect condition, it’s necessary to find the best-matching type of flooring according to your personal preferences. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll manage to deal with this task successfully. The following recommendations will narrow down the diversity of your choices and let you pick the best-fitting variant with ease.

Types of Flooring for Garage

Most people who have a garage tend to use it not just for storing their cars. After all, a garage is a very convenient and multi-functional space that can serve the role of a warehouse, workshop or maybe even playroom if only there is enough free space in it. Nonetheless, the materials that are used in the design of the garage, particularly the floor, can play a great role in how it looks like and how long it stays in good condition.

If there are too many cracks and imperfections on the floor, it will not look very attractive or neat. This will not let you spend your time in it comfortably, particularly if you need to work on some project. Therefore, selecting garage flooring is a responsible task that requires you to keep certain things in mind. 

When making a decision, you’ll have to determine which type of covering will suit you the best and meet your preferences and budget. Here are the most widespread types available to garage owners nowadays:

Usual Paint for Garage Floor

This variant is actually preferred by the majority of garage owners who wish to change the way their garage looks – they just get it painted. This procedure can be done all by yourself if you wish to save some costs but enhance the appearance of your garage and eliminate all the blemishes on it. What’s more, standard painting adds extra protection to the floor and makes it more long-lasting. If you want to renovate the flooring, you’ll just have to apply a new paint coating, and your floor will look as good as new. 

Nonetheless, painting the floor means making it too susceptible to wear and tear as it cannot sustain too much abuse. It may also become too slippery once it dries out so it will be a suitable choice only for those whose budget is limited or those who don’t want to face any extra expenses.

Interlocking Tiles for the Floor Surface

These are also a widespread variant among garage owners. Tiles may come in various color shades and diverse designs. Most of the tiles stick to the floor on their own, and you will not even have to add any adhesives to fix them on the concrete floor. They also interlock with the floor which allows achieving a more unified look. What’s more, they are easy to customize according to your demands and wishes. What makes them a top-notch option is that they are heavy-duty and offer maximum durability and reliable performance to garage owners. They’ll last for many years regardless of how unfavorable the conditions are. 

Still, their major drawback is that they make dirt and grime too visible so you should be prepared to wash them every so often. Maintenance is a must for this kind of flooring, and they are quite hard to repair. In addition, they may end up cracking if you have a not very lightweight car. 

Epoxy Covering for Garage Floor

It is very easy to completely renew the way the floor of the garage looks if you use epoxy covering. These covers are very durable, easy to wash and are available in diverse color options and patterns. It is, however, better to ask an expert about what type of epoxy will be suitable for your garage so that you know for sure what to select. 

Basically, epoxy is the type of paint for the floor that contains a specific hardening component in it to make it resistant to contamination and ensure better durability. You also need to thoroughly wash the floor surface before applying this paint. Otherwise, it won’t look neat. It is also necessary to seal it after the work is done so that the paint doesn’t peel once you paint the floor. 

Mats for Garage Floors

If you require extra protection for your floor rather than just painting it, special mats for the floor surface will be a splendid option in such a case. Apart from just being very appealing, such mats are also very resistant to all sorts of contaminants and liquids. In this respect, the most widespread option will be polyvinyl mats as they can be fixed on the floor very easily with no need to use any adhesive tools. And whenever you need to wash the floor thoroughly and deeply, you will have to only remove the mat and clean the surface.

It’s also vital to mention that mats add a special layer of cushioning for the flooring surface. What’s more, the styles available to customers are really diverse so you’ll have all the chances to select the most suitable design for any interior with ease. The roll-out mats of this category are oriented at garages of a standard size, and their price is really attractive and suitable for any budget. 

This type of covering is the simplest solution to getting the floor protected, and you will not find it difficult to maintain it in perfect order. The sizes of mats can also vary so that you will easily find the one that matches the parameters of your garage the most. Even if not, you can use trimmers or just a knife to easily cut off the redundant portion of the mat. In addition, installation will not require too much of your effort, and it’s very fast to fix it to the floor. It also protects the flooring from all sorts of pollutants like debris, oil, water, snow or dirt.

Nonetheless, mats also have their downsides just like any product out there. Some of them may be really costly, particularly if you need to get a wide area covered. It may also be hard to fit them into narrow rooms so you may need to customize them but the result might not always be very accurate if only you do not ask someone for professional help. Still, these drawbacks are not very significant so floor mats are still the most preferable and convenient way to secure your garage floor. 

Major Merits of Mats for Garage Floors

Garage mats have lots of positive points in terms of their performance and overall design. They come in a vast diversity of colors and patterns while the materials they are made from are of very impressive quality. So, let’s examine the list of major benefits of this type of covering. 

  • Snow, rain, and debris are kept away from the garage;
  • Mats create a seamless and flawless appearance of the garage;
  • The amount of mud and dirt is reduced so that the garage stays clean and tidy;
  • Extremely simple installation with no adhesive substances needed;
  • Mats prevent the surface of the floor from deteriorating too easily;
  • No need to prepare the surface in contrast to the use of epoxy paints;
  • Mats allow hiding the stains, blemishes or cracks on the worn-out floor surface;
  • Mats add cushioning to make the floor more comfortable for work and walking around.

As you can see, there is a myriad of important benefits that every garage owner can enjoy if they choose to buy a roll-out floor mat. As the name suggests, they can be rolled out over the surface very easily, and it is also not hard to move them around the place and adjust their positioning according to your personal preferences. For instance, if you wish to transfer the covering to engage in some really messy work, you can accomplish this task with great simplicity so that all the mess stays away from it. But even if not, mats are very easy to wash so you will be able to easily clean all the mess after the job is done. And after you clean them, you’ll just need to wait until they dry and put them back on the floor surface. Fortunately, these kinds of mats dry really fast. 

The best thing about such mats is that they are a very functional accessory as they do not allow debris, liquids or dirt to penetrate them which means that your floor will not get damaged over time, and there will be no stains or blemishes on it. Cleaning the dirt from the mat’s surface is surprisingly easy so that no pollutants will remain inside your garage. 

Selecting the Best-Fitting Mat for Your Garage

When looking out for the ideal type of flooring for the garage, lots of issues need to be considered, and it is worth reading the reviews on different products to guarantee that you make the most successful choice. When selecting the particular variant, you should consider only your personal needs and preferences because what is effective for someone else may not be suitable for you. In this respect, floor mats are always a great option to have around as they offer the necessary level of functionality and versatility. They allow preventing the dirt from penetrating the floor surface, and they are incredibly easy to wash apart from being really long-lasting. 

So, what to look for when picking the best-matching floor mat? Although it may seem that such mats look simply like some sort of rug, the fabrics they are made from are really strong and tough as opposed to the mats for leisure activities. The key properties to search for before shopping for your future floor cover are the following:

  • Resistance to spills and leaks of oil or chemicals;
  • Non-slippery properties to make them more secure;
  • Extra cushioning to mitigate fatigue that you may feel when standing on the floor or moving around the garage;
  • Presence of extra texture to easily clear off water or mud;
  • Ease of washing and cleaning the fabrics of the mat;
  • Ability to endure the weight of heavy vehicles;
  • The mat’s weight should be enough not to make it slide or move around;
  • Flat, even and smooth surface for greater convenience.

What’s more, it’s also necessary to take note of how thick the mat covering is. As a rule, the mat’s thickness is equal to around ½-inches but especially durable ones may be ¾ inch thick. The latter ones are usually available at a higher price but they also provide top-notch performance if you have plans to use them for not very light-duty tasks.


With such great properties and the ability to keep pollutants away from your garage in any weather, it comes as no surprise that such coverings for garage floor have gained incredible popularity with garage owners. In order to pick the best-matching one, you need to determine which option will work best in your particular situation. In general, all variants work well for all kinds of garage settings. What you need to figure out is what kind of mat will suit the size and parameters of your garage the most. Then you will need to pick the suitable color option and, of course, you should not forget about the price as the cost of a floor mat may vary from case to case.

After you consider all the merits and drawbacks, you’ll be able to pick the right variant for your individual needs. But if you still have some concerns, it may be worth consulting a professional so that you are absolutely sure what will suit your garage dimensions and budget the most. 

Questions and Answers

 If you require selecting the right pattern of a garage mat, you’ll need to examine the differences between the basic patterns existing nowadays. Ribbed pattern will be the best option to keep water and liquids away from the floor and garage interior. Coin design simply has a better-looking appearance and is extremely easy to keep neat and clean. Diamond style will suit those who are conscious about how the garage mat looks and how it matches the design of the interior. That’s because this pattern looks especially sleek and very attractive. Levant pattern is very smooth, reasonably priced, not very slippery and surprisingly easy to clean. Finally, the clear mat design can be of two different patterns – diamond and ribbed. They are perfect for those who do not want their floor to be colored but they still offer great protection from pollutants and stains. You can easily clean them while keeping away all the dirt will not be a hard task either. In this manner, you need to consider your personal demands to select the best-matching option out of the available ones.

Installation of a floor mat does not require any particular effort. You will not even need any adhesives to complete this task. However, even though garage mats can be of different sizes, they may not fit your garage space perfectly so you might have to adjust their size before installing them. This can be achieved with a usual knife but you need to do it accurately.

In fact, it can but it entirely depends on the type of garage mat you are using. Many types can expand or shrink when the temperature changes rapidly. That’s why it is preferable not to tape the mat during installation to the surface of the floor so that the edges of it could have enough space to move. It will also be great if you leave a small gap between the interior walls and floor so that the mat has room for expansion if the weather outside gets warmer. 

Standard floor mats usually cost around $1,25 for square foot but heavy-duty ones can be twice more expensive. This means that this type of covering is somewhere in the middle between epoxy paint and tiles. The only difference is that epoxy covering cannot be replaced too easily. 

Final Word

As a final tip, don’t forget that having an additional layer over the garage floor surface is really great, and it will let you keep the garage premises clean and tidy at all times. However, it’s critical to select the most suitable flooring option for your particular needs. With our tips and reviews, you’ll manage to deal with this task successfully, and we hope that they will help you make a well-grounded decision. This way, you’ll be fully satisfied with your purchase and have no doubts regarding your choice.

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