Best Garage Gym – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


Just like many other people, you might be thinking that attending an ordinary gym is too time-consuming and inconvenient as opposed to owning a garage gym. In fact, there are multiple reasons why you would prefer buying a garage gym instead of attending a sports facility. Maybe you consider a membership in a sports gym to be too expensive or maybe you are just too busy and want to save your time. In any case, if you’ve decided to finally buy your own gym set, the following guide will help you make a sound decision, and our reviews will let you know which gym unit is suitable for your needs and which one has too many drawbacks.

Having your own garage gym at home has many merits, and it will also turn out to be less costly in the long run. Soon enough, you’ll realize that it is a lot more convenient than paying for a membership in a gym. But before you make up your mind, read our home gym reviews and check out our tips to discover everything you need before making your purchase.

Top 5 Garage Gym Reviews

Fitness Reality — Best-Quality Unit for Building Muscles

This model of a garage gym is ranked as a very impressive value at a quite reasonable price. It is characterized by 800 lbs capacity and has enough space for users of all parameters. It also doesn’t require any additional installation or bolting to the floor but is still surprisingly stable and heavy enough not to move. The capacity of this rack is sufficient for the majority of users of any age and is mainly intended for building muscles and improving strength.

With that said, this garage gym is a splendid option for home use. It also ensures maximum safety during workouts. Despite the multiple merits of this model, some users may find it inconvenient that there is no space for storing plates in this unit. Other than that, it’s a superior option for users of all ages and levels.

  •  Durable security bars;
  •  Quality construction;
  •  Easy to put together;
  •  No bolting to the surface required;
  •  Additional space for benches and other tools.
  • No space for keeping weight plates.

TITAN FITNESS – Top Quality and Smooth Operation Guaranteed

This is a top-level foldable power rack that will be the best-fitting option for those users who lack extra space for a garage gym. It is intended for an immense variety of exercises like pull-ups, squatting and a myriad of other useful and uncommon ways of training. And you can start practicing shortly after you install it. The fact that it is a folding rack makes it possible to get more space for exercising or just to save a bit of space if it is limited. And the whole construction is made from quality materials that guarantee the top-level performance of the gym.

However, the installation process may seem not very easy because the manufacturer did not provide full assembly instructions so you might need to look up the information online. It also comes with no tools for mounting the unit which may be inconvenient for some users.

  • Made from durable steel ensuring complete safety;
  • Ideal for use in a restricted space;
  • Is completely foldable;
  • Added with a bunch of J-hooks;
  • Amazing quality.
  • Not very easy installation due to insufficient instructions;
  • J-hooks don’t allow storing the pull-up bar when folded;
  • Comes with no hardware for installation.

TDS – Powerful Gym Unit from a Reliable Producer

The TDS manufacturer is a respectable trademark that has been offering top-level equipment to amateur and experienced athletes for more than 40 years. Such extensive experience guarantees that this unit will satisfy the needs of even highly demanding users. This gym has an incredible rated capacity of 1,000 lbs, and it is also developed to be added with a wide range of accessories. It goes with J-hooks and holders for plates so it’s very convenient and easy to use it.
The TDS manufacturer is a respectable trademark that has been offering top-level equipment to amateur and experienced athletes for more than 40 years. Such extensive experience guarantees that this unit will satisfy the needs of even highly demanding users. This gym has an incredible rated capacity of 1,000 lbs, and it is also developed to be added with a wide range of accessories. It goes with J-hooks and holders for plates so it’s very convenient and easy to use it. It is ideal for squatting, pull-ups, inclines and various types of presses so it is perfect for users who wish to diversify their workouts by adding new exercises with each session. The weights, however, should be purchased separately.
  • Impressive quality guaranteed;
  • Not hard to put together;
  • Suitable for many types of exercises;
  • Excellent capacity of 1,000 lbs;
  • Comes with plate holding tools.
  • Weights are not included in the package.

Marcy – Multi-Functional Workout Unit of Amazing Quality

This set will be the best-fitting variant if you need proper equipment for strength training apart from other purposes. It is added with high-low pulleys that maximize the efficiency of training and allow working on different groups of muscles of your upper and lower body. These include chest, arms, back, and legs among others. This rack is versatile so that you can enjoy a complex workout while using it. The top-notch construction makes it a solid piece of equipment with hardly any flaws.

This is a maximum durable and stable gym so that it can endure even high-intensity workouts. The rack for storing weights can sustain 150 lbs at a maximum which is pretty impressive. However, its cable is not intended for doing lat pulldowns, and there are no security bars.

  • Four hand grip modes for diverse exercises;
  • Controllable bar catch;
  • Suitable for intense training of all muscle groups;
  • Easy assembly;
  • High weight storage capacity.
  • Well-made construction.
  • Impossible to change the dip bars’ position;
  •  Cable is not suitable for lat pulldowns;
  •  No safety bars.

REP FITNESS – Reliable Gym Set for Toning Muscles and Improving Strength

This user-friendly and convenient piece of equipment for home-based fitness routine allows you to keep fit without leaving your home. It can endure an incredible 1000 lb capacity and offers plenty of room for working on your muscles and strength. Its handles and other essential parts are maximum secure for you not to worry about your safety.

However, even though the manufacturer offers a step-to-step video guide on how to install this unit, the written instructions on how to put the machine together might not be comprehensive for all users as they only give a brief overview of assembly. Besides, it does not come with such useful tools as a bench and dip bar but it still has extra safety holders adding functionality to its design.

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  •  Comfortable grip handles;
  •  Safety during workouts guaranteed;
  •  Great loading capacity;
  •  Suitable for working out multiple muscle groups;
  •  Has additional security holders;
  •  Is stable and doesn’t move while training.
  • Packed with no bench or dip holders;
  •  Not sufficient assembly instructions.

Best Garage Gym – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Regular workouts transform our life considerably changing it for the better. If you are fully dedicated to following your daily training regime and gradually achieving progress throughout your workout program, you’ll soon see outstanding mental and physical transformations. Regrettably, there can be multiple obstacles on your way to joining a sports club and achieving success in the chosen sports activity. This may not just be too expensive but also too time-consuming especially if your work does not allow you to have a lot of free time.

Even if you have both time and money, it may still seem that a home-based gym would be more preferable. This way, you’ll save your finances and will not have to face any other inconveniences related to attending a commercial gym. Garage gym units are a perfect way to stay in good shape and achieve progress day by day regardless of the circumstances. But how to select the most appropriate gym unit to be fully satisfied with each day of training? Read the following tips to discover the details.

Tips for Selecting a Garage Gym Unit

Believe it or not, but home-based gym units offer the same or even better level of functionality as commercial gyms, and you can achieve fascinating results using these tools. But before you make up your mind as for which gym set to pick, make sure you consider the following factors:

#1. Make the Quality of Equipment Your Top Priority

This is particularly applicable for those who are low on a budget. In case you have a restricted budget and cannot afford to pay a high price for a gym set but still want to get a sturdy piece of equipment, you need to set your priorities and learn more about different home gym options on the market. You can gradually add some complementary tools for intense workouts but the most significant thing is to pick a gym set of really good quality that would guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you have limited space for it, make sure you buy a foldable option. And, of course, not all gym sets may be suitable for your athletic demands so just determine where you want to start and try to buy the most appropriate equipment for daily training.

#2. Set Your Goals

If you have well-defined goals in your mind, it won’t be hard for you to understand where to start and what kind of fitness equipment you’ll require the most. Do you want to improve strength or shape your body to make it look more aesthetic? Or maybe you just want to get rid of extra kilos or achieve a higher fitness level. In any of these cases, you need to set realistic goals that you’ll be able to achieve. Based on your goals, you’ll be able to narrow the choices regarding the types of exercise equipment that you’ll require for your garage gym. Consider what requirements you have for your future gym set before you select the most appropriate one.

#3. Determine How Frequently You Want to Exercise

The frequency of training also matters if you are planning to get a gym set for home use. Obviously, beginner-level athletes will not have to purchase too many accessories or heavy weights. Nevertheless, it is also important to define how often you intend to practice. If you are not sure whether or not you’ll manage to maintain a workout regimen day after day, it might be better to buy a not very elaborate power rack even though you should still pay attention to such factors as safety and stability of your equipment.

#4. Avoid Buying Too Cheap Equipment

Purchasing inexpensive training equipment is a very widespread mistake among elementary-level athletes who have plans to build their own garage gyms. The reason for this is that too low-priced equipment for workouts is likely to increase the risk of hurting yourself during training and will eventually cost you much more than you’ve paid. A cheap gym set may have some ergonomic problems, and their grips are often not very comfortable provoking blisters and other injuries.

If you want to get a good sturdy piece of equipment, be prepared to buy a high price for it. The most important thing here is to get the most appropriate equipment for your individual goals and needs rather than buying the cheapest alternative available for purchase. Just keep in mind that any device that meets more than just one of your demands is likely to become your best-ever investment so don’t run unnecessary risks by trying to save costs on equipment.

#5. Pay Attention to Your Space Limits

Provided that you have around 20 feet of extra room, it’s likely that you’ll feel an absolute lack of free space if you add some workout equipment, and it might also be difficult to use it in case you lack space. That’s why when planning your future garage gym, it’s better to factor in the issue of space which should also be your priority. This way, you won’t have to think of how to save some space and still have much room for exercising. To make yourself maximum comfortable, consider what amount of space you can dedicate to the gym equipment and what kind of a gym set will suit this requirement the most.

Major Merits of Having a Home-Based Gym

Let’s start with saying that every amateur or experienced athlete can afford and should have some kind of a garage gym set. Why do we think so? Well, there are times when owning a garage gym might help you to just keep going no matter what. Sometimes you may not have time to attend a commercial gym or you may be limited by your budget. In all these cases, having sports equipment at home will come in extremely useful.

However, there are also enough reasons why you would consider a garage gym to be a not very suitable option for your needs and goals. The following factors could be applicable to your situation:

  •         It costs too much;
  •         My athletic performance will not improve without a good coach;
  •         I will be deprived of the sense of community that I have when attending a commercial gym;
  •         I will not have enough motivation to train at home.

These reasons seem to be enough to divert you from the idea of buying a garage gym, but we can rightfully say that all of them are outshined by the benefits you’ll get if you purchase a gym set for home use. After all, you can become your own coach and still have a sense of gym community if you make such a choice! In addition, you’ll enjoy the following merits:

#1. Enjoy the Freedom of Time

When you are an owner of a home-based gym, you can schedule your workouts the way you like. What’s more, you won’t have to spend your time in vain by commuting to the commercial sports facility which may often be not just inconvenient but also time-consuming and stressful, let alone that it is a substantial waste of money. With a garage gym at hand, you’ll be free from any inconveniences and will not waste your precious time. There is no need to go anywhere, and you’ll be free to schedule your workouts in the desired way. In this manner, you’ll easily save lots of your time and effort.

#2. Cut Off Your Expenses

Another perceptible benefit of having a gym at home is the ability to cut off immense monthly fees that you need to pay if you attend a commercial sports facility. It’s incredibly cheap to have a gym at home once you make your primary investment. You can actually get a splendid gym set at a highly attractive price and you won’t have to undergo any additional costs so you’ll save lots of cash in the long run. Building a garage gym at a cheap price is not a myth but its real benefit lies in not just what it will cost you but also what it will save you in the long-term perspective. You’ll face no more membership expenses that may translate into perceptible sums of cash over some time while your healthy way of life will also help you cut off the healthcare expenses.

#3. Do Whatever You Wish

Just because it’s your personal garage gym, there will be your own independent rules. Once you turn into a garage gym professional, you’ll be responsible for creating your own training program which is great because you won’t need to rely on anyone. If you want to improve strength, just focus on this particular goal, and if you want to make your speed performance better, it’s up to you what to do to achieve this goal. You no longer have to wait until someone creates a program for you. Do it yourself and forget about all inconveniences! And after you get a knack of how to complete this task on your own, you can even start using some charge-free or pre-paid resources and training programs which will be a splendid way to upgrade your fitness results.

#4. Keep Training Even on Holidays

If you have a family, holiday time can be really crazy. Even if the sports facility of your choice is open during this time, it will be difficult to fit it into the busy holiday schedule with all the meals preparation, special events, and other arrangements. That’s yet another reason why you should think of getting some training equipment for home use, and a garage gym will be a superior choice.

#5. Let Your Family Join You

Workouts are vital, and it’s important to implement them into the life of your close ones as well. For your family, it might be an awesome way to keep fit and stay in good shape. And for your kids, it may serve as a great motivation and may produce a long-lasting impact on them so that they might also join you in this activity.

#6. Enjoy the Freedom of Choice

Many of those who attend a commercial-grade gym often think that it would be a lot better if the equipment at the given sports facility was more suitable for their style of training and demands to workouts. It often happens that there is either not enough equipment for you or too many redundant tools for training that you would hardly ever use. That’s largely because commercial-level gyms are oriented at the general public, and surely they will not take into account one’s personal needs and tastes. That’s where your private equipment may come in useful as your performance will improve many times if you have access to the training tools that fit your personal style.

Your private gym will provide you with such a possibility. You have a chance to pick whatever equipment you need to meet your specific requirements with greater accuracy. You can entirely focus on just a single style of training like powerlifting or Crossfit. Regardless of which option you select, garage gyms will allow you to customize the purchased equipment to your particular style to achieve greater results.


#7. Enjoy a Cleaner Space

Even if you are not particularly conscious about hygiene, the truth about commercial-grade gyms is that they all are not sufficiently clean. After all, most gyms of such kind have a myriad of loyal members, and each of them leaves a trace over all the things they use throughout the training. If to think of how many users utilize various tools, weights, yoga mats and benches in a gym, it will become clear that such sports facilities lack cleanliness. Although some of them offer special wipes for disinfection, most people just don’t think it’s necessary to use them so they don’t.

Even if there are people who clean benches and mats before use, you will hardly see anyone clean cable attachments and weights but these are actually the most frequently used things in any sports facility. And we are not even talking about public toilets and showers as they are not hygienic either. Here lies the greatest merit of owning your own garage gym. The problem of hygiene does not exist here, and there will be a very limited number of people who will train along with you like your family or close friends.

Questions and Answers

Although there are many decent models of home gyms in this segment, we recommend that you take a look at the Rogue R4 Infinity model which is often ranked as the best one available today. It has a durable construction and perfect width to fit users of all ages and parameters. It also has all the essential features to customize the positions of bars and make your experience pleasurable and maximum satisfying. Many users admit that it is the best-performing rack they have ever tried out so it will definitely be a safe bet.

Well, basically, it depends on the model you pick and its characteristics. Most garage gyms for home use are durable and heavy enough to sustain sufficient loads so that you can do such exercises as pull-ups with ease. However, it may not be secure to use straps to lift yourself at a particular angle because this may make it tip over. Before making your final decision, try to discover how sturdy the construction of a particular model is, especially if it is going to be used by many people like your friends or close ones.

If you have any restrictions in relation to the free space that you want to dedicate to a garage gym without making the premises look cluttered, it is better to opt for a gym set that can be folded. Such equipment not only has less sizeable dimensions but is also easy to fit into a room with limited space. It is also not so hard to transport this type of gym if you ever need to move it to another place. That’s why such gym sets are perhaps the best-fitting choice if you wish to save your space and effort. What’s more, many of them are also reasonably priced.

Different manufacturers offer different options that may either come with such useful tools as weight holders, benches, pull-up bars, and other essentials or may just comprise a gym unit with hardly any additional necessities. That’s why if you wish to enjoy full-body and complex training sessions, you might need to think of purchasing extra tools to make workouts maximum efficient.

Final Word

When selecting such an essential piece of equipment as a garage gym, a lot should be factored in to make your daily training less stressful and more enjoyable. If you want to achieve steady progress in this activity, make sure you pick the most appropriate model of a garage gym for your personal needs. We hope that our reviews and buyer’s guide will assist you in making a sound decision as for which home gym will suit you the most and what features it should have to meet all your athletic preferences. After all, only a properly chosen gym set will let you stay motivated and keep training regularly to attain new goals with each workout. 

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