Should you get motion sensor lights? To answer this question, you should consider why you might need them in the first place. If the issue of home security is a matter of concern to you, then such lights will definitely give you the peace of mind when you return home at night or go through a dark sidewalk. Motion sensor lights are a useful invention that allows detecting any movement in the vicinity. Whenever they detect some motion nearby, outdoor lighting will be automatically activated.

So now when you hear any strange noises near your house or walk through the dark area of your backyard, you will no longer have to fear anything. Such lights can be of different types, and there are many branded products in this segment. To narrow down your choice, the following guide will provide a detailed insight on which motion sensor lights are the best and how to choose the right type for your private needs.

Top 5 Motion Sensor Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights — Convenience and Added Security Guaranteed

These weatherproof lights do not cause damage to the environment, while their design is completely unique. They are particularly suitable for such outdoor areas as driveway, backyard, garden and many other spots near your home that require additional illumination. They provide for an added security of your property and can be installed in a number of ways – either attached to the wall or installed on the ground.
Compared to other solar-powered sensor lights on the market, these ones are especially bright and can work for a long period of time. At daytime, these lights switch off on their own accord, and it takes just 6 to 8 hours for them to be entirely charged. However, they still have a few flaws like the fact that they can cover only a restricted area to detect motion which is explained by the fact that these lights are directed downward at an angle.
  • Exclusive design;
  • Extra brightness;
  • Long-term life span;
  • Weather and heat resistance;
  • Automatic switch.
  • Motion detection area is not sufficiently wide.

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY — Super Bright and Very Powerful Lights

These lights are not just surprisingly bright but also stay on for a long while which is especially suitable for those who want to mount them near the garage. They have a long-term life span and can detect movement within around 3-5 mm. They turn on in the dark areas on their own accord and provide the necessary level of security.
They also have very good resistance to water, heat and bad weather. However, despite their numerous merits, they still have minor imperfections. Although on the whole, these lights show great performance, they seem to be made from not very durable materials and are not very easy to install. They also fail to turn off during the day so they may not be very cost-efficient.
  • Super brightness guaranteed;
  • Powerful lights with a wide motion angle
  • High productivity
  • Eco-friendly
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant
  •  Do not switch off for the daytime;
  • Not very sturdy;
  • Not easy to install.

LITOM Premium — Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Lights from a Trusted Brand

These LED lights offer greater brightness and visibility in the areas that require extra illumination. They have a very wide 270-degree angle providing lighting to your doorstep, backyard, garage and many other areas. Unlike other solar-powered options, LIOM lights are much safer for the environment and more cost-efficient allowing you to save costs on electricity. That’s because they charge a lot quicker during the day.

Their life expectancy is also sufficient for many use cases but they stay turned on for just 30 seconds which may not be convenient. However, they are produced by an industry leader in this segment so customers can expect exemplary performance and durability of each component.

  • Have a life span of up to 30,000 hours
  • Cost-saving and eco-friendly
  • Powerful and bright
  • Wide detection angle
  • Dim mode unavailable; stay on for just 30 sec
  • Suitable only for infrequent use due to short battery life

High Power 1000 — High Efficiency, Quality and Long-Term Warranty in One Unit

These are actually very bright lights producing 1,000 Lumens which makes them suitable for brightening up your yard or driveway near your home or the area around your business premises. As security lighting, these LEDs are of unmatched quality. Their angle of coverage can also be adjusted with ease while a long-term life span of the battery is likely to meet the needs of the strictest customers.

Among their other merits there are a long-term warranty of up to one year and great quality of construction. However, they are not very easy to install as you may require extra instruments to do that but, overall, these lights are great for a variety of uses.

  • Detection angle can be regulated
  • Very bright
  • Added with a daylight sensing technology
  • Long-term battery life
  • Good quality
  • Could be tricky to install.

MAXSA Innovations — Multi-Functional Lights with Many Great Features

These lights are fully adjustable according to your wishes and needs. Due to the presence of two heads, these LEDs can be pointed in two directions, and this adds universality to their design. You can also determine how long you want them to stay turned on. It is also possible to select whether you want them to stay turned on at daytime or illuminate the area only at night. The covered area is also very wide so these lights are perfect for sidewalks, doorways, sheds, garages, and yards among many other locations around your home.

Despite the fact that these LEDs are not very bright, they still provide sufficient lighting to all covered areas. Moreover, they are packed with 3 rechargeable batteries, and they are surprisingly easy to install.

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  • Many features and settings to choose from
  • Long-term battery life of up to 90 one-minute-long activations
  • Can be pointed in two directions at once
  • Easy installation


  •   Light is very mild and not too bright

Buyer’s Guide

Motion detecting lights are not very expensive yet extremely useful if you want to guarantee the complete protection of various areas around your home or business. They will allow you to navigate in the dark easier without any fears or concerns. However, due to a wide variety of different brands and products on the market, it may be tricky to choose the best LED lights of this category for your needs.

Are you wondering which motion sensor lights to pick for your budget and demands? Check out the characteristics and features of different types of motion detecting lights to narrow down your choice a little.

Things to Consider when Choosing Motion Sensor LEDs

There are lots of ways to improve security around your property but perhaps the best way to do it is to install motion sensor LEDs that would cover a large enough area for your complete protection. However, choosing the right light bulb for this purpose may not be very easy so here is what you need to know before making your final choice.

As a rule, for a motion sensor light to provide sufficient home security, it needs to meet the following characteristics. It should be:

  •         Sufficiently bright for you to see any threats around your home;
  •         Able to cover a wide enough area to guarantee absolute protection of the space around your property;
  •         Able to switch on when it is triggered by someone who moves within its detection angle;
  •         Installed higher than other types of light bulbs to cover a much wider space and, thus, ensure better protection;
  •         Completely waterproof and resistant to severe weather conditions so that it can last longer when installed outside your property.

So, what should you look for when selecting the right bulb for your personal needs?

#1. Look for the Right Fixtures

You need to pick the ones that suit the purpose and place of their installation. Thus, these lights can be high-mounted or low-level ones. The latter ones are suitable for making walking around the yard or sidewalk secure when it is dark outside. The high-level ones are more oriented at such needs as climbing the stairs or other similar purposes when you require extra security after it gets dark. In this way, you should select what meets your needs the most. Lights that are intended to be put near the doorway are supposed to serve three roles at once:

  •         To light the area around;
  •         To be a decorative illumination;
  •         To protect you and your family from any possible threats by minimizing the risks when you come out in the dark.

#2. Look for Weather-Resistant Ones

All lights and their components are supposed to be mounted outside buildings. As such, if they are fixed somewhere outside the house, they need to be able to sustain harsh weather conditions like dampness or wet weather at the very least. Lights that are attached to the walls outside the building without a roof over them like the yard should be sufficiently long-lasting, weather-resistant and secure.

#3. Consider the Time When You Need Extra Light

When we are talking about choosing the right motion detecting lights, it is necessary to consider at what time you want them to be on. Such lights are supposed to be on at one time and off at the other. For instance, you may pick the lights that will switch on only after the sunset. In some models, there is a special timer that makes their on and off function pretty much automatic. The brightness of certain LEDs can also be regulated.

#4. Pick the Right Style

Just because motion detecting lights are supposed to be placed in the exposed areas, they will be visible to everyone around so their design also matters. Their overall style should be compatible with that of your house so it’s up to you which design to choose. Luckily, there are multiple options in this industry, and you’ll have a myriad of variants to pick from.

#5. Choose the Settings

Certain lights have automatic on/off features which is especially beneficial for the purpose of your home’s security. If you go away from home for the night, the lights outside the building will keep turning on and off regularly which will give the feeling that you are at home. Besides, motion detecting LEDs are supposed to turn on the light when there is someone moving in the vicinity and turn it off a couple of minutes after the movement is not detected anymore. But there are many combined control features that will also be very useful so make sure you pick the one that suits your needs the most.

#6. Pay Attention to How Energy-Efficient They Are

Some types of motion detector lights are not added with an automated control feature. That’s why it might be best to install dimmable lights to make them more energy-saving. Such lights will provide the necessary light only when it is necessary.

Benefits of Using Motion Sensor LEDs

Basically, the major role of motion detector LEDs is to sense any intruder that walks into the areas covered by these lights, after which it will immediately send an alert to the control display so that you know about it. Such LEDs can be used virtually anywhere inside and outside your house. Motion sensing LED technology has numerous merits and will be useful for everyone who is conscious about the security of their home. Here are the top 5 major benefits of using motion detectors:

#1. Power and Cost Efficiency

If you have a LED-based motion sensor technology in your home, it means you’ll not just protect your home from unwelcomed intruders but will also be able to save energy costs. That’s because they will not let you leave the light on accidentally. Many owners of houses choose to install these sensors inside their homes too, and this also makes them an eco-friendly solution. As a result, your electricity bills will no longer leave you disappointed as there will be no redundant use of power.

#2. Switch Is Not Necessary

Many of us faced situations when we entered a dark room and tried to switch on the lights but ended up hurting ourselves. With the use of motion detector technology, you will no longer need to switch the lights on and off manually because everything will be done automatically. This is extremely convenient for everyone who has switches placed inside the rooms, not outside which may prevent you from entering the dark room securely. If you install LED-based motion sensing lighting, you won’t face any of such situations anymore.

#3. Great Option against Burglars

LED motion sensing lighting is great to have around if you are afraid of burglars entering your home or the area around it. It is a lot harder to break into a home or remain not noticed inside the house if you have motion sensor lighting installed in the areas around your property. This appears to be a very effective and useful way to enhance the security of your home without the need to spend a big fortune on elaborate alarms or some special anti-burglar lighting mechanisms.

#4. LED Detectors Can Be Installed Anywhere

The best thing about LED-based motion detecting lights is that you can install these systems anywhere you like, be it the driveway, backyard or the area near your garage. This adds greater practicality and versatility to this kind of lights because you won’t need to check whether or not there are any lights left on inside or outside the house. It may be very inconvenient and even overwhelming to do this every so often, particularly if you want to have a rest or go to bed early. With LED sensors, you’ll completely forget about this problem, and your life will become easier.

#5. Motion Sensor Innovation

The motion detector technology is a very trustworthy and reliable mechanism that allows detecting whether there is any movement around the area covered by the lights. But this is not all. Some LEDs of this type will allow you to regulate the degree of sensitivity so that they remain not sensitive to bugs or flies crossing the path to your home. After all, it would be very unrealistic if such sensors were activated at the smallest motion detected near them. Be that as it may, the motion sensing technology will give you the peace of mind in relation to your and your family’s protection in all areas around your home.

Types of Motion Sensor LEDs

If to discuss the types of motion sensor LED lights, it needs to be admitted that this technology is not new so the variety of options is really diverse. The following types of these lights are the most widespread ones:

Space Measuring Type

This type of lights is based on the emission of infrared rays from the LED light. With the help of this reflection, it becomes possible for the detector to evaluate the distance to some person who is standing within the boundaries of the designated space.

Ultrasonic Lights

These lights work by sending ultrasonic waves in order to measure the moving person’s reflection. This allows such sensors to detect anyone around the designated area and sending an alert to the homeowner.

MicroWave (MW) Lights

These lights work by transmitting microwave pulses which allows them to evaluate whether there is any moving person or object around the area. They are more useful for those homeowners who wish to cover larger spaces by motion sensor lights. That’s because these LEDs can be used in much wider spaces than infrared detectors. However, they also have a few drawbacks such as the fact that they are more sensitive to electrical interference. What’s more, they are way more expensive and will not be suitable for those who are low on a budget.

Passive Infrared Sensors

Passive infrared lights work by sensing the body heat or, in other words, infrared energy. This type of detectors is the most popular option for home protection systems. When the security system turns on, these sensors are going to be activated too. As soon as they warm up, they will be able to sense heat and motion in the spaces around them which will protect your home from unwanted intruders. If the object that moves around the place blocks too many of the “grid” areas, while the rates of infrared energy start changing too quickly, the light detectors will be activated and send the warnings to your control panel.

Dual Innovation Sensors

Some of the motion sensors may have a combination of different features with the view to minimizing the number of false warnings. For instance, the passive infrared system could be used in conjunction with a microwave detector. Just because each of them operates in diverse areas and spaces and because one of them is active while the other is not, motion sensors based on dual innovation are less likely to provoke false alarms. That’s because both of them have to be activated simultaneously to trigger the alarm. Nonetheless, even such technology does not mean that there will be absolutely no false alarms.

Wireless Type

Nowadays, the majority of motion detectors are wireless which means you will not have to use any extra instruments to install them. They will not require any drilling either because they are supposed to collaborate with other safety systems remotely.


Tomographic Type

This type of sensors works by emitting radio waves which allows them to sense when these waves are somehow disturbed. Basically, this means that they can “see” through the things like walls or objects, and they are often installed in a way that allows creating a whole net of radio waves with the aim to cover a larger area around your home. These sensors are very costly, and they are usually used in warehouses or some commercial storage facilities. In this way, they are more oriented at commercial use or situations that require very good security at all times.

Questions and Answers

Motion sensors are at times activated by unexpected sounds or even sudden air bursts. For instance, if you move the blinds on your window within the detection area of the sensor, it may set off just because such movement seems suspicious so it will react to it. However, there is a good solution to such situations. Some LEDs can be adjusted to make them not sensitive to sudden movements. Nonetheless, if you still have any problems with the sensor after making such adjustments in it, you may need to have your system checked or even replaced with a new one.

Well, actually it can. However, there is a special type of motion sensors that will ignore any movements of animals up to a particular weight. Such lights are known as passive infrared detectors. Dual technology sensors can also minimize false warnings provoked by pets as there would be two detectors that have to be triggered instead of just one. If you make some adjustments in the specially designed detectors, you can prevent the sensors from reacting to small or large pets alike. Such lights can be reprogrammed so that they will neglect any non-human activity anywhere near your home.

The exact answer heavily relies on what your needs are and what size of the area you need to protect. If you choose a wireless one, you will be able to experiment with various spaces so that you can get a better range covered by the detector. However, this can also be a bit difficult. That’s because if you install it too low, your pet may accidentally activate it more frequently than it is necessary. But if you place it too high, unwanted intruders or burglars will be able to escape easily. You just need to make sure you choose the right height for it so that no burglars can get away and no false warnings will be provoked by the pets. From the other perspective, a wireless system will be able to cover just 400 feet of space. If you need to protect a greater area, it will be best to opt for a wired detecting system.

If the headlights are on when you are driving, it may activate the photocell that will prevent the lights from switching on simply because they will think it is daylight. Besides, many vehicles nowadays are so thoroughly insulated that the sensors do not react to the heat produced by them which is another reason why the detector may not get activated when you enter the driveway at nighttime

Final Word

If you consider buying a motion detecting light system and want to install it somewhere near your home or business premises, the above-mentioned reviews will give you an idea of which one will suit your needs the most. Besides, we advise you to have a closer look at the characteristics and features of the lights you pick before you make your final decision. We hope that you will find this guide useful, and we are confident that it will help you make a successful choice not to be disappointed with it afterward.

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