Your garage is not as warm as your house just because it has to endure greater humidity and other unfavorable conditions all year round. As a result, its walls get more susceptible to damage unlike the walls in your home. That’s exactly why you should think of buying a better-quality paint for your garage, and even if it costs a bit more, you’ll get a far more durable paint resistant to harsh abuse. 

Your decision as for which paint to choose will heavily rely on the type of material your walls are covered with, as well as many other factors. But before you pick the most appropriate option, it’s better to do a quick study on which wall paints are available to customers today. Your mistake may cost you a great deal of money and effort. Instead, picking good paint at the first try will save you the trouble of repainting your garage. Check out our guide on the best paint for garage walls to guarantee that your choice is backed up by good reasoning.

Top 5 Paint Options for Garage Walls

Glidden — Premium Washable Paint of Impressive Quality

This acrylic paint for interior use is of premium quality and requires not too much coating which saves loads of your money and time. Even if there are stains on the walls, you’ll be able to cover them up with just a few coats to make your garage walls impeccable. It is also a washable paint while the choice of colors is really impressive comprising more than 300 different options. 

Despite its surprisingly good performance, there is one issue that deserves the attention of future buyers. In fact, although the diversity of colors on offer can meet the tastes of any customer, the color options are not always true to life. It appears that some colors may be darker or brighter than it was stated by the producer. Apart from this minor drawback, this acrylic paint is simply great.

  • Washable and easy to scrub
  • One coating is enough
  • Easily hides imperfections on walls
  • Broad selection of colors
  • Color descriptions are not always precise.

KILZ TRIBUTE — Durable Matte Paint for Interior Use

This matte paint is specially developed for premium-level coverage of interior walls. It is impressively durable and resistant to dirt and long-term abuse being ideal for not just walls but also ceilings and surfaces with minor imperfections. It can be cleaned quite easily and used on a broad selection of materials like drywall, wood and masonry among others. This paint will be a wonderful choice for those users who wish to hide some imperfections on the walls or use it for textured and rough surfaces. 
Perhaps the only drawback of this paint is that it has a specific odor that may not please demanding customers. Besides, the color samples are not sufficiently accurate, but this is still a very durable paint option that can sustain long-term abuse with no consequences.
  • Can be used both as primer and paint;
  • Low-VOC formula;
  • Suitable for textured or rough surfaces;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Durable and resistant to dirt and abuse.
  • Has an uncommon and not very pleasant odor;
  • Color samples are not very precise.

Montage Signature — Environmentally Friendly Option of Supreme Quality

This paint is literally versatile and will be a superior choice if you need a professional paint for exterior or interior designs. It is made according to the high-end technology that ensures maximum protection against dampness or humid conditions. What’s more, it’s eco-friendly and contains no hazardous substances meeting all safety norms. It is also supported by a 10-year long warranty which is the best evidence that this manufacturer can be trusted. By the way, it’s made in the USA so you can be certain that you’ll get an outstanding value for the money you pay. 

Nonetheless, it’s great but not perfect. The colors available for purchase are not always true to life and often turn out to be darker than expected. Besides, even though the paint is easy to apply, you might need several coats to cover up all rough surfaces, and you might not like the odor of this paint as it’s a bit strong and specific.

  • Manufactured in the USA;
  • Supported by a long-term warranty;
  • Suitable for interior and exterior walls alike;
  • Protection against moisture guaranteed;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Easy to use and washable.
  • Strong odor;
  • Colors not true to life;
  • Needs several coats.

Prestige Paints — Easily Washable Paint of Competitive Quality

Prestige Paints as a reputable producer of acrylic paints has created a competitively priced formula that is available in different color options and suitable for many types of surfaces like wood, cement, masonry and aluminum among others. This paint offers splendid coverage and is applied smoothly and evenly. It is also easy to wash this paint while its price will meet the tastes of low-budget customers. 

Despite its numerous merits, color characteristics are not always truthful, and some colors appear to be lighter than is described by the producer but they still look nice. Other than that, it’s a superior option for different use cases.

  • Suitable for hiding spots on rough surfaces;
  • Superb coverage;
  • Easy application;
  • Good quality;
  • Easy to wash.
  • Can be lighter than specified by the manufacturer.

Valspar — Best Latex Paint for Professional and Residential Use

This latex paint is specially developed for commercial and residential uses alike as it has a wide number of applications. It is extremely functional as it dries very fast and can be easily used on clay, concrete, turf and a myriad of other surfaces. It is oriented at those users who need durable and best-performing paint for exterior surfaces. The formula is designed to meet the strictest demands of users as it is bright, sturdy and long-lasting. 

In fact, it lasts much longer than most other paints on the market while its price is highly affordable. This makes this option perfectly suitable not just for residential purposes but for industrial use as well. Having such top-quality paint at hand, we can only regret that it can be used for exterior coverage only but it needs to be admitted that this paint deals with its job remarkably well.

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  • Dries very quickly;
  • Has multiple fields of application;
  • Can be used for a broad variety of surfaces;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Very long-lasting.
  • Not suitable for interior use.

Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what paint will meet your personal demands will save you loads of time and effort. However, with such a splendid variety of paints on the modern-day market, it’s often frustrating to decide which one will serve you the best. Read the following guide, and you’ll know for sure which option to pick. But before making your choice, we advise you to learn more about various types, benefits and characteristics of garage wall paints to guarantee that your decision is weighed and sound.

How to Select the Right Paint for Your Garage

Each time you think of making some improvements in the design of your garage, selecting the right paint will be a significant part of the entire process. In this respect, the first thing you are advised to do is to pick the most suitable color that will really highlight all the renovations you’ve made or intend to make in the interior of your garage. It will make the whole space more inviting and comfortable for you and your close ones. Follow these simple tips when picking the most appropriate paint for your garage:

#1. Select Paint Colors that Match Each Other Well

Creating a new design of your garage includes adding some customized features with the help of the chosen paint colors. As a rule, garage owners tend to add some totally new coating to the floor, doors or walls. That’s why it’s important to select the shades and colors that match each other well because the right mixture of paint colors will turn the garage into an inviting space that you’ll be proud of. As a good tip, you may add brighter shades of color to the interior doorway that leads straight to your house. This will add a personalized look to the whole space. 

#2. Choose Durable and Quality Paint for Your Garage Floor

Making the floor surface more appealing is an essential part of the design renovation in your garage. You need to choose a high-quality and sturdy floor coating for this purpose while the color choice here is really diverse. You may choose between natural or bold colors to fit your personal needs and tastes. Keep in mind that it is important not to limit your choices when selecting the appropriate paint for your garage design because this will allow you to complete the project successfully so that you will hardly be disappointed with the results. It’s also important to guarantee that the paint you buy for the floor is easy to wash and maintain in good order. 

#3. Pick Lighter Paint for Walls and Ceiling

Painting the walls and ceiling of the garage space with the right paint will ensure that you improve the interior and make it much more comfortable for all users. If you choose a lighter color option rather than dark paint, it will make the whole space look wider and sunnier. That’s an important consideration because a garage is a place where you are regularly looking for something or perhaps using some instruments for repair projects. This means that a lighter ceiling and walls will make this process more convenient. But you also have to remember that lighter paint colors will make dirt, dust and grime more visible. 

It might be better to choose some neutral color options like beige or grey as they are much easier to wash and maintain in good shape. They also provide greater flexibility in design. If you prefer a lighter color shade, a semi-gloss paint option will most probably be a sound choice. Such paints make dirt less visible, and they are extremely easy to clean. 

#4. Pick Ideally Matching Colors for Your Garage Cabinet

One more important part of your garage design is adding cabinets. Their major purpose of use is to store various things but they can also transform the way your garage looks from the inside. In this respect, numerous factors need to be considered such as choosing a particular design and matching color blends. It’s up to you what paint colors to select but try to find the best-matching ones so that they can perfectly complement the overall design of your garage including floor and walls. Or maybe it would be more appropriate to highlight them by choosing some contrasting colors for a change. 

#5. Pick the Most Suitable Paint for Garage Door

As a rule, the size of two-vehicle garages is equal to 30% of the front part of your house so it is just as important to determine which design and paint color to choose for the doors to your garage. There is much to be considered like the colors of your house’s façade and roof as well as other factors. But even though you can do all this by yourself, you can also ask experts for professional help when picking the right paint. This will guarantee that your choice is based on expert opinion. 

Widespread Types of Paints 

Are you not certain which paint would suit your project best? Don’t neglect the importance of quick research. That’s because the type of paint you pick for your project is equally important as its color because it may produce a great effect on the overall design of your interior space. Let’s have a look at what types of paints exist and what each of them is commonly used for. 

Water-Based Type

The major part of paints intended for interior walls are water-based, largely because it is surprisingly easy to use them. In case the surface you intend to coat has already been coated with some oil-based ones, you need to be watchful when turning to water-based paints because it may provoke some trouble. In this situation, it is advisable to first wash the surface and roughen it with sandpaper to make it cleaner and prevent accidental peeling of the freshly made coat. 

If in your case it is preferable to get oil-based paint but you are more inclined to using water-based products, you can choose something in between. In fact, some manufacturers now offer the so-called “waterborne enamels or alkyds” that look and work quite similar to their oil-based counterparts, and they are still of very good quality to ensure smooth and easy application. 

So, what are the main merits of water-based products? Here are just a few of them:

  • Offer stable coloring that does not fade out over time;
  • Priming is not necessary;
  • Easy to clean with plain water;
  • Dry very quickly;
  • Complete protection from mildew;
  • Non-toxic due to low VOCs;
  • Can be used for practically all types of surfaces;
  • Provide a flexible finish without any risk of cracks.

Oil-Based Type

This type of paints can be easily used on virtually any type of surface, and many users appreciate its incredible durability and great performance. However, you still need to be watchful because oil paints are known to emit very toxic fumes which could be hazardous. Moreover, this type of paints is not that easy to clean without additional tools. If you still select this type, you’ll need to get some solvents as well. You’ll require them for washing and cleaning your instruments after you use them for painting your living space. 

Speaking of the main merits of this type of paints, they are also quite numerous and include the following ones:

  • Very attractive and inviting gloss;
  • Splendid “leveling” creating a very even finish;
  • Take longer time to dry which is perfect for making some improvements;
  • Excellent option for damp and wet environments like bathrooms or other similar spaces;
  • Sturdy and long-lasting finish.

Popular Types of Paint Finish

The available options may vary depending on the producer but they all share many similar features and characteristics. Besides, together with the advances in technology, the paint finish options available to buyers are getting more and more durable. Many users are now looking for creative methods of blending and mixing different paint options. Experiments with paint finish can help you produce the right impact and create the necessary texture according to your interior design. For instance, you can try covering a matte wall with a gloss stripe of the same color. This will create a more vibrant look and add some texture. 

What are the major characteristics of each type of paint finish? Let’s see.

Matte Paint

This paint has a softer texture and is not excessively reflective. It is capable of hiding imperfections on such surfaces as walls and ceilings and often has a very deep color. In general, it is perceived as a standard and rather conventional paint finish for walls but one of its major drawbacks is that it could be tricky to clean it. 

Satin and Eggshell Type

This type is a bit more reflective than matte paint and many times more durable than other options. It is a number one choice for damp and wet environments where it is preferable to have easy-to-clean paint on the walls.

Gloss Finish

This paint finish is suitable for kitchens, window trims, doors, and bathrooms. Such paints are the most reflective ones and also extremely sturdy so that they can endure harsh cleaning. They are often used to make the look of the room bolder and more vibrant but they will also make the imperfections more noticeable. 


Smart Tips for Applying Paint to Garage Walls

There are many reasons why you would choose to paint your garage walls. For instance, if your friends or relatives enter your house through a roughly painted garage, poorly painted walls will most probably be highly unwelcoming. Moreover, painting the walls can transform an ugly-looking garage into an inviting space which you will not need to hide from anyone else. 

Although the process of wall painting is not very hard, there are a couple of things to remember. Before you start working on this project, try to ensure that you pick the most appropriate paint for your garage and have all the necessary instruments at hand to make the process less tiresome and difficult. The following tips might also come in useful if you’ve decided to refresh your garage design:

#1. Clean the Garage Walls

If you are not accustomed to cleaning the garage walls every so often, they are most probably covered in dust and dirt so you need to wash them first. The stains over the wall surface may provoke problems as they may not let the paint stick properly to the wall so that it may start coming off after a while. There is no need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning the wall surface and don’t apply to much pressure when washing them. Instead, use simple instruments like a brush attachment to the vacuum cleaner for upholstery, and you’ll get the job done perfectly. 

#2. Prime if Necessary

In this respect, everything depends on the current condition of your interior garage walls. If you have already covered the walls with latex paint, preliminary priming will not be necessary. However, in case your walls are still bare, new and not painted, then it might be best to use a primer first. 

#3. Select the Best-Matching Paint

In case you have plans to paint the interior walls, latex paint might be a splendid choice. However, this type is not intended for exterior walls. Just because the interior space of your garage is not susceptible to being damaged by rain or snow, the exterior paint will not meet your needs. Besides, it can also be dangerous as such paints contain toxic ingredients which may provoke health problems. They are specially designed to be used in open areas. The most appropriate finish paints in this case will be matte or semi-gloss among others.

#4. Apply the Paint

The quickest way of doing it is to use a special sprayer, particularly if you’re going to paint the ceiling and walls simultaneously using identical colors. In this case, you’ll need to prepare the space for painting and buy or rent a sprayer in the store that specializes in paints for interior use. Just two coats will be enough to achieve sufficient durability and a satisfying look.

Questions and Answers

The major difference between exterior and interior types of paint is that the exterior option is more resistant to moist conditions. You may opt for semi-gloss exterior paint. Although exterior paints tend to have too much gloss, they will protect your garage walls from dampness and moisture. This way, the paint will last longer and produce the right effect from the design perspective. Besides, eggshell and satin paint sheen options are also recommended for painting the interior surfaces but they might not be appropriate for garage walls in particular. Exterior paints are a lot thicker and tougher being more resistant to harsh conditions. That’s why an exterior latex paint will be your number one choice.

It is best to buy latex paint, either semi-gloss or satin. It is also very crucial to first use primer on your walls before you start painting them even if you plan to paint the outer concrete surface instead of the drywall.

You’d rather not use flat paint finish for garage walls. It is excessively dull, and it will be hard to clean the surface as well. If you try rubbing the dirty spots, it may make the situation even worse. The most suitable types of paint finish for walls in your garage would be eggshell, semi-gloss, matte or satin. No matter which one you choose, the end result will most definitely meet your demands to a full extent.

It would be best to pick lighter paint options for painting garage walls or ceiling. That’s because they reflect light much better than other options. However, using lighter paint means that dirty spots will also become more visible, and all the grime will be much harder to hide. Still, such colors as grey or other neutral shades will do the trick quite well and be easier to clean as opposed to white options.

Final Word

If you are in two minds as for which paint would be most suitable for the interior styling of your garage, we are pretty sure that the above-mentioned reviews, guidelines and tips will help you narrow your choices and come to a well-informed decision. It’s hardly surprising that picking a proper paint for the garage is not an easy process, especially because there is such a splendid choice of options available to customers on the present-day market. Besides, you have to carefully consider many factors like the material which the walls are made from and many other issues. We hope that our reviews will help you make a well-grounded decision that will not leave you disappointed in any respect.

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