It’s not a secret to anyone that an engine consumes oxygen. Because of that, it is important that you not only provide your engine with good, clean and cool air but also allow your engine to dispose of it as quickly and easily as possible. An exhaust system allows your F150 to breathe better, and as a result, you get increased horsepower and torque readings.

What’s even more attractive about an aftermarket exhaust system is the sound boost it can give your truck. It can make your exhaust sound louder, more aggressive or smoother. You can modify the sound however you like based on your needs and budget. On top of that, all of the exhaust systems that are included in our review look much better than the factory one. By choosing one of these systems for your F150 you will get improved sound, increased horsepower and torque, and a bolder and more aggressive look. An exhaust system is a simple modification for a moderate price that is certain to attract a lot of attention to your F150

Top Rated exhaust systems for Ford F150

Roush 421711 Cat-Back Exhaust System for 3.5L / 5.0L / 6.2L 2011-2014 Ford F150 — Product longevity is key

When shopping for an aftermarket exhaust system, one of the most important things to take into consideration is how trustworthy the brand that you’re purchasing from is. Roush is one of the most loved and trusted brands on the market that have been making aftermarket truck accessories for years. Get this polished beauty form Roush and improve your trucks sound, looks, and power.
This is an very high-quality exhaust system. The tips are made out of chrome-flashed 304 stainless steel. This means that they are resistant to corrosion, which increases their longevity and durability. The tips are 4 inches in diameter, polished, and the Roush logo is embossed on them. Moving on to the muffler, inlet, outlet, and y-pipes, which are out of 409 stainless steel. They are 3 inches and mandrel-bent, which guarantees consistent airflow throughout. The system comes with a side exit. You should expect to get a 5% power boost from this modification.
This is one of the most unique exhaust systems on the market when it comes to sound. This system will provide you with very loud and aggressive sound (not as loud as Borla or Flowmaster), but at the same time, it is very smooth and quiet on the highway. The full power of the system gets revealed only when you accelerate, otherwise, it barely differs from your factory setup. The perfect exhaust that can provide you with an aggressive start and a smooth ride on the highway. This system is considered to be one of the most polite on the road.
The installation of this setup is pretty easy and will require only basic mechanical know-how. It’ll take you up to two hours and it would be best to get a helping hand. Exhaust systems are pretty heavy and bulky, so it’s better to play it safe. You can find detailed instructions on how to install this exhaust system in our Buyer’s guide, or in the detailed installation manual that Roush includes with all of its systems. The price of this system is average for this category.
  • Roush is one of the most trustworthy brands on the market, you can’t go wrong with their products
  • Very aggressive sound when you accelerate, but at the same time smooth sound on the highway
  • Chrome-flashed  tips for increased longevity and durability
  • Includes only a single side exit. It doesn’t look as bold as a double-sided back exit

BORLA 140616 ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System for 2.7L / 3.5L V6 Ecoboost 2015-2018 Ford F150 Ecoboost — The best exhaust is the most aggressive one

What most F150 drivers are looking for when changing their exhaust system is one with the most aggressive sound possible. A system so loud that it will turn everyone’s heads in amusement. This system was built to be loud and be heard. An exhaust with a lot of pops and a lot of backfires. It’s top of the game when it comes to sound and quality. Your truck deserves nothing but the best, and this product is definitely the best

Borla use only the best materials when manufacturing their products. As a result, this exhaust system is made completely out of T304 stainless steel, the benchmark in materials. This system has 3-inch tubing (it’s all mandrel-bent) and 4-inch slash-cut polished tips. The system is dual split providing your F150 with a very attractive and aggressive look. You should expect to get an increase in horsepower and torque of up to 10%.

This system is from the ATAK (acoustically tuned for applied kinetics) series from Borla. It’s known for being the most aggressive, yet the most controlled exhaust on the market. Even though it’s extremely loud, it doesn’t sound dirty at all. A lot of loud systems have uncontrollable and dirty sound when it reaches its maximum. Borla have managed to change the game with this system. It has the most fluent roar out there. Even though the system is very aggressive, it won’t be too loud on the highway, so you’ll be able to ride in comfort.

Borla is one of the biggest Ford aftermarket companies out there, and thanks to their years of experience they optimize all of their product to make them as easy to install as possible. You will get different length adapter pipes to minimize the possibility of the necessity to do any cutting. You will also receive a very detailed installation manual. The installation of this system will take up to an hour and a half, and it would be better to have a helping hand. This setup will cost you a good chunk of change, but that’s what you should expect when buying the loudest setup with the most high-end materials and best fitment.

  • Only the best materials are used (T304 stainless steel)
  • Loudest and most aggressive setup out of the five reviewed, and the sound does not become dirty when reaching its maximum
  • The easiest system to install. Adapter pipes are included for different lengths
  • It is not a good setup to buy if you live in a quiet neighborhood. It’s so loud that you are sure to wake up all of your neighbors

MBRP S5240409 Cat-Back Exhaust System for V6 Ecoboost 2011-2014 Ford F150 — The family exhaust

Most people see modifying their exhaust system as just making it as loud and aggressive as possible. But there are always F150 owners who mainly want to improve the quality of the sound, and only slightly bump up the volume. Most exhaust systems on the market that give only mild volume improvements are of bad quality. MBRP set out to meet the needs of all F150 drivers and manufactured this high-quality exhaust that focuses more on the quality of the sound and build, and not the volume.

MBRP use only the best materials in most of their exhaust system, and this model is not an exception. The whole tube system is constructed out of T409 steel, they are 2.5 inches in diameter. The tips of the system, which are a lot more exposed to the elements and any possible damage, are made out of T309 steel for extra durability. T309 steel is the best material used by all competitors on the market. The diameter of the tips is 3.5 inches. They are polished and embossed with the MBRP logo. You should expect to get only minimal increases in power, but this exhaust will save you up to two miles per gallon when you hit the road.
Unlike most of its rivals, the MBRP exhaust does not have an overboard exhaust note. It gives you deeper, smoother and more muscular sound than the factory sound system, but there is very minimal change in volume. This system is considered to be the most daily-driver friendly, you can even call it a family exhaust. You will barely even notice a difference in volume when sitting inside your truck. Furthermore, it’s a great system to get if you often go on long road trips. You’ll be able to drive on the highway with peace and quiet with this product.
The installation is the same easy process as with the rest in this category. It’ll take up to two hours and a helping hand will be needed. We’ll discuss this a lot more detailed in the Buyer’s guide.
Considering how high-quality the build if this system is, it is surprising that it is the most inexpensive option in our review. You get a product that meets all the best standards but at a very moderate price.
  • Gives you all of the perks of an aftermarket exhaust without any excessive volume
  • Has a very modest price for a product that is one of the best on the market
  • The most daily-driver friendly exhaust there is. Focus on sound quality, not sound volume
  • The minimal additional volume takes away the full experience of an aftermarket exhaust system

Flowmaster 817522 Cat-Back Exhaust System for 4.6L/5.0L/5.4L V8 Ford F150 — The brand says it all

It is common sense to choose a product based on how trustworthy the brand selling it is. Flowmaster is a company that needs no introduction. It’s been around for over 50 years manufacturing and selling some of the best aftermarket products out there. This is a company that combines its experience and customer’s requirements to make the best product they can. A company with such an amazing reputation simply won’t allow a low-quality product to be made. You can’t go wrong with buying a product from Flowmaster.
The whole system is made out of T409 stainless steel. The diameter of the tubes is 2.5 inches, while the tips are 3.5 inches in diameter. What’s special about this system is that it has a dual double exit, meaning you have the pipes required to make it a side or rear exit system. All of the tips are polished, and the pipes are mandrel-bent to provide consistent airflow throughout. The system has the Super 40 series muffler from Flowmaster, which is what provides the exhaust with such an amazing sound. This technology was invented and patented by Flowmaster to emphasize on their individuality and leading position on the market.
When it comes to sound, the system will greatly improve the quality of the sound, and it will also moderately improve the volume both outside and inside your F150. It will sound more aggressive on the road, but you will also hear it more when you’re driving in your truck. So if you’re driving on the highway the best thing you can do is turn up the radio to eliminate the excessive noise from your exhaust
The installation is a simple two-hour process. You’ll only need a helping hand, a socket set, and up to two hours in the garage. Even F150 drivers with minimal mechanical know-how can install this system if they follow the instruction manual from Flowmaster or our walkthrough in the Buyer’s guide section. The price for this exhaust is average for this category.
  • Flowmaster is the most experienced brand in our review. A product from them will definitely be high-quality
  • Dual double side exit. You can change between a side or rear exit, whichever option you prefer
  • This system moderately increases volume in your cabin. Might be a problem for long distance commuters
  • No power boost or fuel economy from this system

BORLA 140616BC ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System for 2.7L / 3.5L V6 Ecoboost 2015-2018 Ford F150 Ecoboost — Power and beauty

Another exhaust system from Borla, which is one of the best Ford aftermarket companies. This is another system from their ATAK series which is known to be one of the best and loudest on the market. This isn’t a product you should be uncertain about buying. If you have such an option, then you should definitely go for it.

Just like the other ATAK system from our review, this one is completely made out of top of the market T304 stainless steel. The tubes are 3 inches in diameter, and the slash-cut tips are 4 inches in diameter. What makes this system different from the other option from BORLA is that the tips have a unique black finish. It’s a very small difference but it plays a big role in looks of your F150. Such a small detail but it brings so much more spice to the look of your truck. Unfortunately, you’ll have to pay extra for the black finish, but it’s definitely worth it. You should expect your horsepower and torque to go up by 7% to 10 %.
The installation is the same easy process as with the other five systems. It’ll require up to two hours of work and two sets of hands. BORLA include longer and shorter adapter pipes to minimize the need for sawing, and very detailed installation instructions so that you can make sure you do the installation perfectly.
The sound is the cleanest, yet most aggressive and loud you’ll get on the market. A very unique product that controls the quality of the sound perfectly. It doesn’t get dirty on maximum volume, no excessive noise while driving on the highway, but at the same time very loud and aggressive pops and backfires during acceleration. BORLA have done wonders to their ATAK series.
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  • This system from BORLA has a unique black finish on the tips
  • Shares the position of the loudest system in our review with the other ATAK system
  • Illogical additional payment needed just to get the tips colored in black

Buyer’s Guide

Why an aftermarket exhaust system is a must-have

A Ford F150 is already a very powerful and well-built truck coming out of the factory with no modifications done. This doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t transform your F150 into the best version that it can be. The first thing that we would recommend you to modify is your engine’s power. The best accessories to do so is a cold air intake system, and an exhaust system. They add additional horsepower and torque to your engine, slightly increase your fuel economy, and change your trucks exhaust tone to a louder, more aggressive and smoother one.

While a cold air system focuses more on power, an exhaust system focuses more on sound. Depending on the exhaust system you install, you can make your truck sound louder, smoother, more aggressive, or more controlled. An aftermarket exhaust system is the first thing that can make your truck stand out of the crowd. Why would you settle for mediocrity, if for a moderate price and some time in the garage you can transform your truck into the best vehicle on the road.

How an aftermarket exhaust system sounds

Apart from the quality, the most important aspect you need to take into consideration when purchasing an exhaust system is sound. You have to decide whether you want a system that will give minimal additional volume but a very smooth and controlled sound or a system that is so loud all of your neighbors will hate you but the sound will be uncontrolled and slightly dirty when reaching its maximum, or even an extremely loud system with smooth and controlled sound when reaching maximum volume. It all depends on how much money your willing to spend. What we recommend you to do is purchase a system that isn’t really heard in the vehicle when you’re on the highway and has clean sound on maximum volume. The rest simply depends on your preferences and budget.

Materials of an aftermarket exhaust system

Some people are surprised by the high-quality metals that most exhaust system manufacturers use. The systems that we’ve included in our review only use T309 and T409 stainless steel. The reason for that is because the exhaust is in a place that is very vulnerable to the elements, especially if you live somewhere where there is a lot of snow. Nothing can mess up the bottom of your F150 more than a combination of snow and salt, it’s one of the most corrosive mixtures. It’s best to purchase systems from companies that claim their systems to be resistant to corrosion, and if the system you want to purchase is made out of materials worse that T309 and T409 stainless steel, then we strongly recommend you not to do so (the most common material amongst these is aluminized steel). Such an exhaust will be all rusty in about five years, while the systems in our review will easily serve you for more than ten years. Also, keep in mind that the sound is directly attributed to the materials the system is made out of.


The installation of an exhaust system is a very easy process that you can do even if you have only minimal mechanical know-how. We recommend you to get a helping hand because exhaust systems are pretty bulky and heavy. You’ll only need basic tools, which are a socket set and a hanger remover or flathead.  The first thing you’ll need to do is take off your factory exhaust system. You can spray some WD40 on the exhaust hangers to make the removal process a lot easier. Once you carefully remove the factory system, you should start with assembling the system on the ground, and then get a helping hand to hang up the whole system. You have to get the whole system hung up before final tightening. There is a chance that the system will be too long for you, in such a case you’ll have to do some cutting, and remember that you should always measure twice and cut once.


The prices of these exhaust systems for your F150 are quite inexpensive if you take into consideration how much different they make your truck sound. These systems will cost you anywhere from $500, to a little over $1000. The price depends on its quality, materials, the brand, and the quality and volume of the sound. A couple hundred dollars is a normal price to pay to make your truck one of the most noticeable on the road.



An aftermarket exhaust system is definitely a product worth purchasing. It transforms your F150 from a mediocre vehicle to a truck that easily grabs everyone’s attention.

Questions and Answers

No, not all systems. Most of them do both but by different amounts. Some don’t do either.

No, the cheaper systems may have a dirty and uncontrolled sound.

No, they aren’t. They are very vulnerable to the elements. Corrosion is inevitable.

The only thing you can really do is try to avoid parking it outside in the snow.

It depends on what you want to improve first. A cold air system improves power, while an exhaust improves sound.

If no cutting needs to be done then there’s nothing you can mess up. Only if cutting is needed should you take it to a professional.  

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