Many house owners are trying to find comprehensive information about the most successful models of garage openers to guarantee that their purchasing decision is right. You probably know that the variety of models and types of openers is really diverse and plentiful. But it is often challenging to select the most appropriate one. You should first get to know more about the types, manufacturers, and models of door openers for the garage as well as evaluate their main pros and cons. Sometimes it may even be worth trusting a professional who can educate you on this matter. 

For your convenience, we have gathered a range of the most trusted door opener versions to make sure you set your priorities in the right way and pick the best-suited model. Luckily, most of the door openers examined below are extremely reliable and well-performing so that you’ll hardly make a wrong choice. Read our reviews to learn the details about the most preferable options offered in the present-day industry. 


Top 5 Garage Door Openers Reviews

Chamberlain B980 – Convenient and Reliable Door Opener with Many Safety Features

This door opener model is packed with top-level safety features that include the automatic door lock to keep the garage door under proper protection whenever you shut it. In this manner, you’ll be absolutely certain that your house is properly safeguarded. Apart from that, you’ll enjoy complete control over the door from any location you find necessary. Everything can be adjusted with the use of a smartphone app. The special lifting mechanism will also ensure easy and effortless lifting at any moment you need. Above all, this door opener works really quietly so no sounds will disturb you or cause any inconveniences. It also makes it possible to enter the garage at a long distance remotely which adds greater convenience to this model. Furthermore, it’s added with security sensors as a complementary layer of protection. 

One of the downsides is that although the installation does not require considerable effort, it may take a perceptible amount of time to get the work done. Besides, in contrast to what the producer claims, security may be under threat due to a random open feature when the door to the garage gets opened automatically through such option as “Phantom Operation”. This might be a worthwhile drawback for some customers. 

  • Has multiple safety features;
  • Added with automatic lock;
  • Can be controlled via the application on a phone;
  • Comes with a reliable lift mechanism.
  • Tiresome process of installation.

Chamberlain C450 – Advanced Garage Control Guaranteed

This option allows users to open and shut the door from any locality using a convenient application on the phone. It provides a high lifting capacity which guarantees reliable performance in all situations. The construction is very durable and contains steel-made elements. It also has a remote open feature to let the door open at a distance of over a thousand feet at a maximum. It’s fully compliant with doors of any parameter and size. The installation is also easy and effortless, and the whole build design is meant to ensure long-term performance.
One of the important drawbacks of this item is that it is not fully compatible with certain smart features like the car’s remote control option which will add some more convenience. It also does not run quietly enough. 
  • Controllable through a smartphone application;
  • Lifting capacity is immense;
  • You can get the door opened at a long distance;
  • Fits doors of any size;
  • Stress-free mounting;
  • Long-term performance guaranteed.
  • Runs a bit loudly.

Liftmaster 8500 – Compact and Reliable Item Packed with Many Extra Features

This product has a very attractive design that allows saving loads of space because you can simply attach it to the wall near the door to your garage or hang in the free space on the ceiling. It’s also added with high-end security features that will provide maximum reliable and long-term performance. What makes it a must-have option for every owner of the garage is that it works really quietly and produces no vibrations or redundant sounds. With this tool, the door will open smoothly and with no effort. Meanwhile, an easy installation procedure will save you the trouble of making any adjustments after the process is complete. 
One of its downsides is that the wire connection on the actual unit is of poor quality. Besides, it’s doesn’t work with the roll-up type of doors which some users may find not very convenient. 
  • Appealing design;
  • Can be attached to the ceiling;
  • Packed with multiple safety tools;
  • Works noiselessly;
  • No adjustments necessary.
  • Not suitable for the roll-up type of doors.

Genie ChainMax 1000 – Dependable Unit with Traditional Design from a Credible Producer

This product runs very noiselessly and requires hardly any maintenance or additional adjustments. It guarantees smooth running in all kinds of settings, and the installation is also incredibly easy so you won’t face any trouble while mounting it. This model is characterized by the top-grade enclosed rail styling that adds up to the safety of the unit and provides for multiple years of dependable performance and trouble-free service. It’s also surprisingly easy to program this tool while the security features will prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the garage. There is also a special system allowing users to avoid unwanted accidents.
However, this unit cannot be called easy-to-use as there might be some inconveniences when you first install it. Thus, you may need to hold the button up until the door opens or shuts completely. Otherwise, it will not be shut or opened till the end. This will make you waste a bit of time so, despite its benefits, this unit still has insignificant flaws. 
  • No adjustments required;
  • Programming is not difficult;
  • Security feature against unauthorized access;
  • Trouble-free mounting.
  • The process of opening and shutting the door is not immediate.

SOMMER 1052V000 – Noiseless Door Opener of Superior Quality

This product is packed with a world-class commercial-grade motor that ensures its dependable performance disregarding the circumstances. At a moderate price, you’ll get a complete assembly kit for a trouble-free installation, and the whole procedure will not be too long. It runs rather noiselessly, and you’ll hear hardly any vibrations, which is why it is ideal for houses that have a living room over the garage. It’s also compatible with numerous technologies for simple operation. Its construction is durable and powerful meeting all European standards. 
Although this version is very well-made, it has a few drawbacks. Thus, it is not fully compliant with HomeLink so you might face trouble when trying to establish the connection. You may also find it unpleasant that the chain drive is a bit noisy even though the overall unit is claimed to run quietly. 
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  • Full assembly suite included in the packaging;
  • Not hard installation;
  • Relatively quiet running; 
  • Durable construction;
  • Trusted performance.
  • Chain drive produces noise.

Buyer’s Guide

Before selecting the exact model of a door opener for your garage, it is worth understanding what their major types are. This is the first step to picking an ideal opener for your needs. Each type has its own peculiarities, and installation steps may vary from one type to the other. The following tips will guide you on this matter and help you determine which option will suit your needs the most. 

Types of Door Openers

Every type of openers for garage doors has its own specific peculiarities and merits. Learning about all of them might assist you in selecting the best-fitting option for your demands. In basic terms, there are a total of three types of door openers to select from, and they all differ according to the drive system that each of them is based on. These include the following ones:

Chain Driven Unit

This type belongs to the primary type of an automatic opener that was first to emerge on the market and continues to be widespread even nowadays. Just because the chain drives are usually produced from metal and some other materials, these openers tend to be rather loud as they produce much noise when under pressure. Therefore, nowadays they are not very popular with customers. Their construction is based on a metal-made chain that raises the door up and down. Even though they have perceptible downsides, some customers find them attractive because they also have a few significant merits. Thus, their major benefit is the fact that they cost modestly and are often ranked as the least costly variant on the market. But due to their noisy performance, they cannot be called the best-matched choice, particularly if you wish to get the least noisy and disturbing opener. 

Belt Driven Mechanism

One more type is the belt-driven one. In this instance, the chain drive system is substituted by the rubber-made belt. Such a mechanism is many times more expensive than the previously described one, and these openers often require much caution during installation as the process of assembly may take a lot of your skill and effort. The popularity of these mechanisms continues to grow at a fast pace. That’s because they run really quietly and offer smooth and reliable performance in general. In addition, they are very powerful and can raise any type of door with ease. For these reasons, if you wish to substitute a louder door opener with some less loud option, this will definitely be the best-ever choice for you. They run very smoothly but you may have some trouble installing them. 

Furthermore, some house dwellers even think that having the least noisy opener for their garage door is the most crucial requirement. Such people definitely have good reasons to think so because the living space if often positioned not far from the garage and all the noise can be very disturbing and bothering. Disregarding any circumstances, this type remains a preferable option for diverse settings. 

Screw Driven One

This is one more type of a door opener. This option is added with no chains, belts or other similar technologies. Instead, they are packed with a small number of moving components. These systems are of a significantly smaller size than any other category of openers. Meanwhile, they are also perceptibly quieter than the chain-drive systems. Just because they comprise a smaller number of moving elements, they will hardly require too frequent maintenance, and they are a lot easier to mount than other types. Besides, you won’t find it hard to complete the process of installation all by yourself without the need to use the support of experts. 

Merits and Downsides of Diverse Types of Openers for Garage Doors

If you now have a brand-new door in your garage and it looks simply perfect from outdoors, it’s high time you thought of a trusted garage opener to make the closing and opening procedure simpler. Doing it automatically will let you save loads of time and effort, and this can be ensured if you use one of the diverse types of opening mechanisms. After pressing the remote regulator, the door will be automatically linked with the actual raising and lowering system. But when selecting the drive mechanism, it is worth considering multiple issues like maintenance demands, the actual cost and the level of loudness. So, what are the most prominent drawbacks and merits of the major types of driving systems for doors in a garage? 



  • They can be found almost everywhere and can be purchased in the majority of stores selling home improvement tools;
  • They do not produce any bothering noises or unwanted sounds and vibrations;
  • They are extremely durable and powerful offering easy and fast access to the garage interior;
  • Installation is very simple, and no extra lubrication is required;
  • Speed of lifting and raising the door as well as the strength are their major merits.


  • They won’t suit you if you have a door manufactured from wood or a dual-door mechanism;
  • The risk of improper functioning increases if this system is exposed to intense humidity or elevated temperature;
  • The cost of such systems is a bit higher than that of other types;
  • Meanwhile, the life expectancy of these mechanisms is considerably shorter, and you may need to replace them after a short while. 

With that said, this will be an appropriate variant for those who wish to get a dependable opener that runs quietly and reliably with hardly any flaws. 



  • The raising and lowering system of the screw-drive models of garage openers presupposes pulling and pressing along the rod and trolley system produced from durable steel which adds greater reliability to such systems;
  • The motor of these units is supposed to actually move the door and has a lot smaller number of elements which guarantees a lower level of noise;
  • These units require much less supervision and simpler maintenance;
  • The movement up and down is highly easy and smooth.


  • A perfect build design of these units makes them considerably more expensive than the other types;
  • If you are constantly in a hurry when you need to shut or open the doorway, this system won’t suit your expectations as it moves not very quickly, and the overall process takes much more time due to the steel-made rod layout. 

With only a few minor drawbacks, this category of openers remains highly popular especially because they offer maximum reliable performance, and their construction is very long-lasting and well-built. 



  • This category of door openers will be the best-ever choice if you keep two cars in your garage;
  • They raise even the heaviest doors without any flaws being very powerful and sturdy;
  • This system provides intense security and protection of your garage;
  • Such openers are very dependable and will serve you faithfully for much time;
  • They will hardly fail to run properly even when the humidity level is too high or when the temperature changes rapidly;
  • These units are the least costly options and can be afforded by anyone even if you are low on a budget;
  • They are highly popular, and you can obtain them at any specialized store.


  • These units make too much noise, and all the loudness may be too disturbing and bothersome;
  • To guarantee their proper performance and smooth running, the entire system might need to be regulated accordingly around two times throughout the life span. 

So, are you prepared to pay a high price for a really durable opener for a door in the garage? Or are you more inclined to buy a cheaper but quality version to suit your demands and expectations? Would you not mind checking and monitoring the functioning of the opener every so often? Answers to these questions should all be taken into account to determine which option will fit your requirements the most. You should also think of the level of noise because this is another important question. Take time to consider all the advantages and beneficial sides of every category of door openers and make a well-grounded decision. 

Selecting a Proper Door Opener for the Garage

Picking the best-suited door opener for the garage is crucial, and it is a very important decision that every car owner needs to make. After all, an ordinary door to a garage gets opened and shut over thousand times annually, which is why it’s critical to select the correct mechanism at the first attempt. 

However, not all people think of the quality and durability of their door openers up until the weather suddenly changes and they need to take actions urgently. Therefore, it’s best to research this matter thoroughly in advance and get a trusted opener for the door is definitely essential. Today, manufacturers provide a broad selection of features and models. These may range from super quiet versions to smart-home innovations so there are a lot of attractive options to select from. 

But the choice of a correct opener should not be challenging either. You just need to take the following aspects into account:

  • Strength of the motor;
  • Correct type of the unit;
  • Presence of all security features;
  • Reliability of the option you have chosen;
  • Speed and ease of use;
  • Life span of the unit.

If you pay attention to all these features when selecting the best-suited model, you’ll most probably make a satisfying decision, and the chosen version will suit all your wishes and expectations. This will eventually guarantee that the way to your garage is under full protection so that you will not worry about the safety of your automobile. 

Finally, don’t neglect the need to assess the height and width of the doorway as well as the weight of the door to your garage. These additional considerations will let you pick an appropriate product that will fit your door ideally. 

Questions and Answers

The first type is regarded as the least noisy category of door opener for the garage. In contrast to more traditional mechanisms, these units have just a single moving component. The motor here moves over the rail, also known as trolley, to let the door open and close easily. These units are majorly utilized in European countries, and only a few versions can be purchased in the US. As for the jackshaft mechanisms, these are yet another alternative. They are usually attached to the walls closer to the doorway. The motor here has a range of pulleys and also some cables that allow opening or shutting the door. Unlike the previous option, these are added with no standard chain or belt mechanism. Instead, they are based on a totally different system. Just because they are a lot costlier and their maintenance requires considerable effort, they are not utilized as widely as other types. Nonetheless, they still could be useful in case your garage has some extra space in the ceiling for their installation. 

In basic terms, the types of motors are divided into several categories depending on how powerful and strong they are. ½ horsepower engines are used to raise the doors of conventional and normal width. They are the most widespread type, and their size ideally fits many doors with standard measurements. However, their strength is minimal but still sufficient. The ¾ horsepower units are utilized for a bit more sizeable doors. They are very reliable and can last a long term. In most instances, they are used for doors that are produced from heavy and durable materials like steel as well as some wood types. This category of motors is also utilized to accelerate the process of shutting and opening the door. Finally, the most powerful are the 1 horsepower units, and they are not vulnerable to easy failure. They will be the best ever choice for heavy and large doorways, and they are generally utilized for doors produced from very weighty materials. They can also be used to accelerate and improve the process of raising and lowering the door. It’s up to you what type to select depending on the desired strength of the mechanism.

Final Word

In case you manage to get a really reliable door opener for domestic use, it will imply that you’ll be able to easily shut and open the door whenever the need arises and without any worries that it can accidentally break or stop working. Anyway, before selecting the best type of mechanism, it is worth considering what sorts of features are offered by the manufacturers to add up to the ease of use and convenience of the units. 

From remote control to numerous security features, you need to consider a myriad of factors before you come to a well-grounded decision. Besides, you should understand what features will bring maximum benefit in your specific situation depending on the type of your door, the material it is produced from, its measurements and other aspects. We hope that our trusted reviews and guidelines from our experts will assist you in making the only correct decision and selecting the most durable and well-performing unit for your needs. 

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