If you are reading this, the chances are that you wish to learn more about diverse types of heaters for the garage to select the only right variant. In fact, you’ll have to consider a myriad of things when picking t best-suited model of a heater. There could be multiple benefits and just as many drawbacks of each type of heating device, and they all serve different purposes. There are the ones that function properly only in specific environments so it’s a pretty challenging choice which is nevertheless a highly significant one. 

To guarantee that you select the best-matched heater for your garage, read the following reviews and guidelines and estimate the pros and cons of all the provided options. This will let you make a reasonable and completely satisfying choice. 


Top 5 Reviews of Garage Heaters

Dr Heater – Commercial-Grade Heating Unit with Controllable Settings

This item is designed to suit the demands of an industrial setting. The installation process will hardly cause any trouble as the heater can be simply mounted on the ceiling or the garage wall. The bracket for the installation is also included in the package. It’s fully lubricated so it will require only minimal maintenance, and its life span is surprisingly long due to reliable construction and perfect design. The temperature level can be regulated using ‘low’ and ‘high’ regimes adding greater convenience to the device and making it a highly functional option. The heater produces hardly any noise but the dispersion of warmth across the area is sufficiently good and will satisfy most customers. 

Regrettably, some users may think that this heating device does not have a satisfactory heat output, and it is quite true. In addition, it’s also not energy-efficient, and this might be a perceptible drawback for those clients who wish to warm up the space in wintertime without having to pay a high cost for the power. 

  • Minimal maintenance required;
  • Runs properly and reliably;
  • Temperature is controllable;
  • Doesn’t produce loud noise;
  • Mounting is easy.
  • Not satisfactory heat output.

Dyna Glo – User-Friendly Product Based on High-End Technology

It’s very simple to use this space heater, and it’s based on the latest innovative technology that allows it to warm up really quickly and effortlessly. It covers a huge space and will even be suitable for keeping very large premises warm. The manufacturers also provide a cleaning tool for the unit which is a pleasant addition to this highly functional heater. It offers maximum security while running indoors. It can be used not just in a garage, but in your house or cabin as well as other settings. What’s even more considerable is that this model requires no electricity for its smooth operation so that you will save considerable energy costs and your garage will still stay warm even in the case of emergency when the power is shut off. As a result, you’ll get a fully efficient and very practical unit at a highly attractive price. It’s also very dependable and almost versatile because you can also regulate the temperature securely and easily. 

It has hardly any flaws but if you are accustomed to using electric heaters and prefer buying a cheaper variant, this model will not suit your tastes. It’s also not very compact and may take loads of space.

  • Dependable performance in any setting;
  • Suitable for large environments;
  • Temperature is controlled;
  • Security is guaranteed;
  • Covers huge space and warms the room quickly;
  • Goes with a handy cleaning tool;
  • No power required for its running.
  • Not affordably priced;

HeatStar – Trustworthy Unit Suitable for Two-Car Garages

This item proves to be a reliable heating device that can even cover a 2-car garage space easily and with no flaws. You’ll need no power for its running, and it is also added with a handy thermostat which you may find very convenient and useful. It’s also incredibly fuel-efficient and has everything that a gas-powered heating unit can provide you with. Its installation is simple and effortless, and the unit itself runs noiselessly and reliably. You may use it for heating business premises or garage in your home. No matter where you put it, it will produce secure heat with much efficiency. It’s also produced from top-grade materials resistant to corrosion and rust so you may expect a long-term and trusted service from this device. 
One of its downsides is that it’s not intended to be utilized in all settings and will not suit you if you require a heating unit for a camper or sleeping space as well as some other environments. Furthermore, the bracket is of poor quality and slightly weak which makes the device a bit unstable. 
  • Covers immense space;
  • Requires no electric power;
  • Very efficient and runs noiselessly;
  • Safe heating guaranteed;
  • Long-term service guaranteed;
  • Convenient and user-friendly;
  • Fuel-efficient.
  • Not intended for all environments. 

King Electric – Durable Unit with Multiple Control Features

This item is packed with a thermostat option that lets users control the temperature in the room easily and effortlessly. The product itself is manufactured from the materials of superb quality that will not leave you disappointed. It guarantees maximum safety and protection while it is in operation. This heating device even has a range of indicating lights that will make its usage more convenient. The efficiency of the device is incredible, and the overall build design is very well-made so the unit is likely to serve you properly for a long time. The heater comprises components of top quality for hassle-free service in any circumstances. Furthermore, it is produced in the US which proves that this manufacturer can be relied on as it offers very efficient and long-lasting products to satisfy demanding clients. 
Despite all the merits and the easy installation claimed by the developers, we would advise you to install it on the wall rather than the ceiling because, otherwise, it may not be stable enough due to the flimsy mounting bracket. It simply does not allow fixing it securely in place. 
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  • Mounting won’t take long;
  • Controllable temperature;
  • Has warning lights;
  • Durable construction;
  • Premium quality guaranteed.
  • A bit not stable when fixed on the ceiling.

Modine – Fully Certified Option that Runs Safely and Noiselessly

This unit guarantees highly noiseless operation and has been fully licensed to be used in commercial-level and residential settings. It has a simplistic design and is available in not very bright color combinations. The assembly and mounting will hardly take too long, and you won’t require any special knowledge to mount it wherever you wish. Above all, this product has been designed and manufactured by a globally recognized brand that has been part of this industry for more than a century. This undoubtedly makes us believe that you can confidently purchase this product for your garage or any other environment that needs warming. 
On the downside, the manufacturers provide no installation directions, and some inexperienced users may find it hard to work out how it should be done on their own. Even though the mounting procedure is not difficult, it would be worth getting some directions to be on the safe side. 
  • Works noiselessly;
  • Mounting procedure is not hard;
  • Manufactured by the world-known brand;
  • Fits almost any environment;
  • No installation directions provided.

Buyer’s Guide -Reviews

Buying a heater for the garage or any other space is undoubtedly an important task but it can also be a bit challenging if you don’t take several things into consideration. In the subsequent guide, you’ll find all the details you might need in order to select the most trustworthy and long-lasting heater to suit your expectations.

How to Select a Heater for the Garage?

By now, you have probably realized that you should take into account a lot more than just the heating output or reliability of the heater’s performance. Below you will find a few significant considerations to remember before you start looking for the space heating unit.

Security Features

The vast majority of heating devices are added with high-end security opportunities to guarantee complete protection from accidents and other risks. The main feature of this kind is the emergency shutdown that takes place on its own accord in case the space where you have positioned the heater is left without supervision for too long. This option goes with the useful thermostat feature that allows identifying when the space has become excessively warm. 


It is always preferable to search for garage heating units that are packed with a thermostat for proper temperature regulation. In case your unit has such a feature, you won’t have to supervise the temperature level on your own. All that is necessary is to set the desired temperature by means of a thermostat which will automatically monitor the level of warmth in the area and later shut down of the heater as soon as the temperature reaches a perfect level. This is a highly useful feature that you should not undermine when selecting the correct model of the heater for any space you need. 


Another handy option that you can find in a heater for your garage is the timer. In basic terms, it lets you switch on the heating unit automatically if you need it. As a result, the unit will be programmed to turn on at the designated moment.

Less Important Features

Along with the useful features described above, there is a broad diversity of less important ones that you should still search for when selecting the heater. As an example, it’s best to look for devices that produce as little noise as possible because too loud heaters can be really bothersome and distracting. 

Controllable Louvers

This is yet another feature that no buyer of a heater should neglect or undervalue. The louvers will let you direct the heated air almost anywhere you wish all over your house, garage or other space which you need to keep warm.

Compliance with Items of Furniture

It will also be useful to search for a heating unit which design is compliant with the items of furniture in your house. In this regard, you’d better choose the one that matches the coloring of the interior in the house to ensure that it perfectly blends with the décor of the house. But you can also select the heater of a contrasting coloring which will not be a bad choice either. 

Main Heater Types and Their Positive and Negative Sides

Basically, you can find two types of heating units in today’s market. These are gas-powered ones and the ones that require electricity for their proper running. Each of these categories has its own downsides and merits, and there are many subcategories as will be described below.

Fuel-Powered Heaters

This type does not run on electric power and requires fuel to provide the space with heat. It’s worth considering the following factors before you select this type of heater for your needs:

  • In case you require keeping a large room warm, this category of heaters will be the best-suited option for you. They are also frequently used for heating garages;
  • Just because this type runs on fuel, it produces harmful emissions. If harmful fumes accumulate all over the room and you stay there for long, it can provoke poisoning or other health risks. That’s the main reason why you should take some protective measures beforehand to safeguard yourself and your close ones from possible harm;
  • Fuel-powered heaters are usually added with flues during the installation to let dangerous fumes escape from the living space or garage;
  • You need to remember that it will be impossible to disconnect the flues as they are mounted permanently and might also take a perceptible amount of space. That’s why fuel-powered heating units are not a preferable choice for excessively small living spaces. 

Radiative Type

This category of heaters is perhaps the best-suited option for warming the living space indoors. However, you can just as well utilize this type outside. That’s just because this category comprises numerous types of heating units like infrared ones or those intended for patios. The major thing explaining why this type of heating devices is highly popular is simply because they eradicate the need for insulated space. The majority of units are not capable of operating in the correct way even in closed living spaces just because the designated space has no insulation. But when we are to discuss such type as radiative heaters, it becomes clear that they function flawlessly disregarding how poor the insulation in the building is. They are just what their name implies and have the following characteristics:

  • These heaters produce radiation in excess amounts, and it is exactly the radiation that is accountable for the heating of the designated space;
  • The radiation, however, also influences the skin and clothing in contrast to other ways of heating. That’s the main reason why this type allows heating the space within a short period of time easily and quickly. Furthermore, it’s another reason why such heating units can be utilized outside the building for heating purposes;
  • The most positive aspect about this category of heaters is that they are highly compact, small-sized and do not weigh a lot. This will let you carry the units wherever you may wish without any particular difficulty. 

Convection Type

In case you have appropriate insulation in the house or at the workplace, the convection heater type will be simply ideal for your purposes. Such heating units are added with a functional fan that allows dispersing warmth across the closed space. But you should still remember that these heating units may require considerable time to reach the desired level of temperature and warmth as they heat the space not very quickly. Nonetheless, as soon as the area gets warmer, you’ll instantly start feeling comfortably warm in the area. Above all, one of the most considerable merits of this category of heating devices is that they guarantee permanent heating even if you switch them off so that you will not experience any inconveniences and will be able to save electricity costs. Furthermore, you’ll avoid possible safety risks. But this is undoubtedly dependent on how much insulation your house has. 

Filler-Space Type

These appear to be the most productive units if you require heating a not very wide space. They are also incredibly effective for warming the rooms without insulation. Keep the following aspects in mind if you consider getting this type of a heating unit:

  • Such heaters comprise a special filler material that becomes warm by means of electric power;
  • In most instances, oil is utilized as a filler material in this category of heaters;
  • When the given material is warmed up, it is supposed to distribute warmth across the whole area;
  • There can still be one minor problem with this category of units. It lies in the fact that they require a perceptible amount of time to make the space warmer. The reason is that the oil needs specific time to get warm enough. Nonetheless, as soon as the material gets warmer, it will guarantee permanent heating of the designated area even if you turn it off for a while. 

Radiator-Type Heaters

These are incredibly popular with users nowadays. And there are two subcategories of these heaters which we will describe below:

  • Steam-type. These heaters require steam for operation. The steam is produced by means of a specially designed boiler that is positioned closer to the bottom part of the house. It is needed to warm up the water and then distribute it across the pipes. The steam itself will further keep the pipes warmed up and the produced heat will then be sent into the air to guarantee the warming of the area;
  • Electric-type. These are based on the special element that goes through the pipeline. The electric current is necessary for heating up the element and distributing heat in the area by means of a radiator.

Electric heaters are a bit more widespread than other types of heating devices. They work efficiently and safely in a variety of settings which is why many users choose them for their garage or living space. Electric power is supposed to go through the conductor made from metal where it will then be turned into heat and transferred into the space that requires being heated. The actual amount of warm air produced by the unit will be sufficient to heat up a large room. Even though these units are added with a fan, they heat the space majorly by means of the emitted infrared rays that let you keep the garage or any other space heated for a long time. All this makes these units incredibly useful for rooms that have not very good insulation or no insulation at all. 

Each category of heaters has its own positive and negative sides, and it’s up to you what type to select to suit your preferences and requirements. But disregarding what you buy, any type of heater is a superior addition to the living space, workshop or garage so every house owner should consider purchasing it. 

Questions and Answers

Heaters powered by electricity have many merits and positive sides. First, they are very efficient and reliable units that allow heating the closed area over a very short period of time. Second, they are packed with many handy features like thermostat regulation and some others. A range of features present in each unit entirely depends on the manufacturer. Third, they are of compact size and can be placed even in a small space, and their size also makes them very lightweight and easily transportable. Finally, they do not waste the emitted fumes so they work very efficiently and safely and have hardly any downsides.

This category of heaters operates on gas or propane which is delivered to the unit through a fuel valve positioned inside the device and ignited by a special sparker attached to it. The fuel allows warming the exchanger of heat and activating a specially designed fan that eventually distributes warm air across the garage. The heat is basically produced through the heat exchanger and is passed into the air all over the designated space. The ease of use and extreme convenience make these heaters highly popular with garage owners. 

These heaters will hardly ever lose their popularity as they have numerous benefits. Thus, they are extremely powerful and efficient allowing for quick and effortless heating of the space. Furthermore, the louvers can be controlled to direct heat towards any area you wish. There is also a splendid variety of sizes to suit spaces of all parameters. Therefore, they are almost versatile as they can be used for larger and smaller areas alike, and they are capable of covering really wide spaces. They are also produced from very durable materials, the quality of which will hardly leave any doubts about their reliability. Finally, it’s much cheaper to maintain them in good order especially because they require little maintenance and their life span is highly impressive. Just because they are considerably more powerful than other heating units like electric ones, their popularity will hardly ever fade out, and they continue to be especially widespread in areas with cold climate. 

Final Word

When selecting a heater for a garage or other settings, it is worth considering which type will suit your preferences the most but it is even more important to estimate the correct size and consider other aspects before making a purchase. You need to pay close attention to many factors and issues; and it is also advisable to make a quick investigation before you land at the final decision. Nonetheless, you don’t need to do all this on your own. Just read our trusted heater reviews and follow the tips provided by our experts to be certain that your choice is well-grounded and meets all your expectations and demands. Disregarding what heater you choose, we are pretty confident that it will serve you successfully for a long term as it is definitely a must-have addition to any home. 

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