There are many accessories that an owner of an F-150 truck should consider purchasing, but a tonneau cover is the number one priority on many pickup owners’ to-do list. Whether you’re looking to protect the belongings in the back of your truck, transport them safely or simply give your truck a fresh new look, you need that cover. But which one?

Today, we offer you folding tonneau covers. Two sub types exist, soft folding and hard folding tonneau covers, more on that in the review itself. We give you a very brief list of such covers, but we believe they are the best folding tonneau covers on the market, considering their price, build quality, rigidity and looks.


Top Rated Folding Bed Covers

Extang 83475 Solid Fold Tonneau Cover — The most secure and robust hard folding cover on the market for the money

The main goal of a tonneau cover is to protect the belongings in your truck and that is exactly what this Extang cover is designed to do.

This easy to use, solid fold truck cover will be a perfect fit for your car, adding a sleek look to it. The cover has a soft black mat finish and has textured outer coated aluminum frames and edges for extra wear resistance and protection.

The cover has exclusive durable panels that resist denting and will not fade. The panels are considered to be one of the strongest on a hard folding tonneau cover on the market.

Extang has done multiple “torture tests” on the cover to prove that it is one of the best when it comes to water management, changes in weather, load capacity and fading. The cover can easily take a falling cinder block from a second-floor window. When the Extant cover is closed with the tailgate locked, your cargo is secure and keeps the elements out.

To open the cover, you simply need to drop the tailgate, release the rear clamps and fold the cover into the position that you prefer. When it’s solidly secured, you can easily drive your Ford F-150 with the cover folded. It comes in handy when you need to transport spacious cargo and don’t have precious extra minutes to remove the cover. To close the cover, you need to unbuckle the straps, fold the cover back into place, lower the clamps down and fix them into the fittings in the cover, automatically locking the rear part of your cover securely in place.

When needed, you can easily remove the cover from your truck within 5 minutes without any tools. All you’ll need to do is release the T-handles on the front clamps and lift the cover up from the truck. Reinstallation of the cover will take you the same amount of time and will be just as simple. A very pleasant and reassuring feature that comes with this cover is that you won’t need to trim the bed rail caps as T-clamps are in use. This Extang tonneau cover can also be combined with a toolbox if you’re ready to pay a little extra. This product is made in the USA.

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  • Easy to fold and unfold. Lightweight pannels and hinges provide easy use of the cover. Mild force needed to open and close the tonneau.
  • Resistant to weather. The most weather-resistant hard folding tonneau on the market.
  • Shipped Assembled. Comes fully assembled out of the box. Very easy installation.
  • Leaks possible. There have been reports about leakages on both folds, an issue most folding tonneaus share.

BAK Industries BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Cover — The most advanced hard cover folding tonneau cover

If you’re looking for a tonneau cover that will provide you with guaranteed protection, then this all-new BAKFlip MX4 is for you.

If you are looking to buy this BAK cover you should keep in mind that it may cost you a grand or so. On the upside, this cover features heavy-duty aluminum panels coated with a premium matte finish for superior UV and scratch resistance. That’s perfect for keeping your cover always looking as good as new.

This tonneau cover may be opened from either side of the vehicle and includes injection-molded latch housing components for enhanced strength and durability. The possibility to open the cover from both sides is very practical if you, for example, want to get something out of the front side of your trunk, like a toolbox.

This tonneau is backed by an extended 3-year warranty.

This BAK MX4 does not obstruct the third brake light when folded upright in the opened position, which is a great plus. With this cover, you will be able to have a full all-around view when transporting your cargo with the cover open. Also, the possibility to fold the cover completely upright against the truck enables it to provide 100% access to the bed of the truck.

Another great feature of this product is its durability. You can easily stand on top of the cover, even though the team over at BAK doesn’t recommend you to do so. This truck cover has high-quality prop rods that secure the MX4 in the upright position and can be folded and opened without any tools in seconds. Installation is also quick and easy, taking up to 5 minutes with no tools needed.

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  • UV-resistant. The cover will look as good as new for years.
  • No Vision Obstruction. Doesn’t completely cover the rear window when fully opened.
  • Two Way Access. Opens from both the front and back side of the cover.
  • Other than the price and complaints connected with poor delivery service, there are no disadvantages to speak of.

Gator Tri-Fold — Best soft folding tonneau cover for the price

A truck without a tonneau cover is like a car without doors. Sure, it can go, but it’s not the same when it comes to looks, safety, and practicality. Whether you’re carrying tools, construction equipment, golf clubs, dirt bikes or anything in between, your truck is part of your lifestyle, so you better make it as practical and good looking as possible. For that reason and many other reasons, Gator truck covers got your truck covered with this soft folding tonneau.

The price tag for this cover is very reasonable. But for that reasonable price you get a tri-fold tonneau truck cover that is wrapped in a durable tear-resistant vinyl material combined with an aluminum frame and cross-bows for added strength. It sits on top of the bed rail to help keep water out of your bed.

This tri-fold cover also includes a tailgate seal which definitely helps to protect your cargo from the elements, a feature that most tonneau covers don’t include. In addition to that, there are additional seals along the frame of the cover that will prevent moisture from entering the truck bed. The frame comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 10-year warranty on the vynil.

This Gator soft tri-fold has a quick latch that enables tool-free installation for the installer in less than 5 minutes. When opening and closing the cover, the quick latch is simple and easy to use and can be easily adjusted by hand for a perfect fit with the bed of the truck.

Finally, the fastening buckles of this Gator soft tri-fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover allow you to drive down the road safely with the cover securely fastened. No matter what your needs are, you can drive with the cover opened just as safe as you would with it closed and secured into place, which comes in really handy for carrying spacious cargo.

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  • Bed rail mounted. The cover sits on top of your bed rail. This provides less leakage.
  • Easy to install. Very quick installation and very light tonneau. Provides you with fast and secure protection.
  • The quick latch can be adjusted by hand for a perfect fit.
  • Price to quality ratio. The best quality you can get for such a low price. In fact, this product has less shortcomings than some of the more expensive options on this list.
  • Lacking Customer Support. Gator is known for bad customer service. Luckily, it is rarely needed because of the high quality of the tonneaus.

Bestop 16113-01 EZ Fold Tonneau Cover — A perfect soft folding tonneau with most basic functionality

The Bestop EZ Fold tonneau has outstanding quality for a relatively moderate price.

This tonneau is designed to provide you with 80% access view and can be removed quickly for 100% access to view a larger portion of the truck bed when necessary.

The tonneau cover is one amongst the easiest and fastest tonneau covers to install or to remove. The cover has a frame and latching system that are fully integrated with the fabric in a quick-stack folding design. It requires no bed rails and that allows it to work perfectly with most over-the-rail bed liners or with the OEM rail protectors. The latches are a major part of the frame. They guarantee a twist-to-tighten and a push-to-lock install in the least amount of time, no more than five minutes.

Bestop is an expert in fabric quality as the company has been making soft tops for more than 60 years. It is also the company that supplies most Detroit pickup manufacturers with OEM tonneaus. The Bestop truck tonneau covers are manufactured with weather-tested, exterior grade textured vinyl fabric that’s reliable, trusted, and backed by the company’s lifetime warranty.

The fabric maintains its flexibility and shape all year round. It’s engineered with an enhanced UV-ray protection. In addition to that, the frame and hardware are made out of aviation-grade aluminum, which provides the perfect lightweight strength and improved durability needed for the truck bed. The tonneau cover is designed for a simplified no-drill installation with integrated latches.

The Bestop soft tonneau covers help protect your truck bed from harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, dirt, snow, debris, and heavy sunlight while enhancing the appearance of the truck-bed and the truck itself. Also, you get extra security by preventing prying eyes from looking inside the bed and preventing theft as well.

  • Quality Fabric. Durable leather-grain material will last you for years.
  • No drill installation. Twist-to-tighten and a push-to-lock installation, no tools needed.
  • 80% rear-view mirror open. Tonneau is easily taken off for full view.
  • UB-resistant. The Bestop EZ Fold tonneau won’t fade.
  • Long and deep creases appear where the cover folds, but only after a few years of use. It’s made out of leather, after all.

Tyger Auto TG-BC3F1041 TRI-FOLD Tonneau Cover — The cheapest folding tonneau cover

When looking for a tonneau cover with no knowledge about what the difference between them is and what a reasonable price is, most truck lovers usually go with the product that has great customer reviews and looks to be the best. This Tiger tonneau cover is exactly that kind of product. And it’s really one of the best.

No drilling is needed for installation. All you need to do is simply install the clamps provided with the cover into place and you’re good to go, no tools are required for the job. The clamps cause no harm to your truck and the installation of the cover will take up to five minutes.

Opening and closing the cover is an easy task that will take only a few seconds. The cover can fold up completely, giving you 100% access to the truck’s bed.

Truck drivers often do heavy-duty tasks on their vehicles and for that reason, every part of it needs to be made out of high-quality materials. This Tyger tonneau cover is engineered with dual coated 24oz marine grade vinyl, heavy-duty aluminum powder coated frames, and comes with stainless steel clamps for easy installation and great durability.

When you talk about rigidity, there is no other cover on the market with such a price tag that has such a high level of durability, and that is why this product is considered to be one of the best on the market when taking into correlation price and durability. The tonneau comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • The most rigid of soft covers.
  • Price to quality ratio. Longlasting and cheap product.
  • 100% access to the truck bed. No need to remove the cover, folding it is enough.
  • Small holes will need to be cut for F-150s equipped with an over-the-bedrail bedliner to secure the clamps.

Buyer’s Guide

Hard or soft folding tonneau cover?


The first and most important difference between the two types of folding tonneau covers is how durable they are. A hard folding tonneau cover is the winner in this category, as it can withstand a lot more than a soft one. A hard cover can hold a man on top of it, take a cinder block falling on top of it, and you can transport heavy objects on top of it. A soft cover lacks durability when comparing it to a hard one. It can take very minimal weight on top, and it isn’t recommended to transport any objects on top of it (nothing heavier than a bicycle). A soft folding tonneau can also be penetrated by a sharp object if enough force is applied. Soft tonneaus aren’t made for such heavy-duty tasks as hard ones are. That said, heavy-duty soft covers exist, and one of them is on our list. But you must realize they cannot compete with hard covers when it comes to durability.

Resistance to the elements

When comparing how resistant theses covers are to water and dust, soft tonneaus are obvious winners. A common problem amongst hard folding tonneaus is leaking. The places where the cover folds in half are the weak spots of the tonneau. They don’t let in a lot of water, but it’s normal to find a small amount of moisture in your truck’s bed after a heavy rain. Soft tonneaus, however, usually don’t let in any moisture, and even if water does get in, it’s because of poor installation and a failure to close it properly. They are made out of a whole piece of fabric, which means there are no weak spots that can let moisture through.


When it comes to user-friendliness, soft tonneaus are an obvious winner, as they are much lighter and easier to use. The durability and level of security of a hard tonneau come at the price of it being pretty heavy. You need two people to install a hard tonneau, opening and closing it requires a moderate amount of force, and you can’t take it off and set it aside as easily as you could with a soft tonneau. Soft tonneaus are very light, making them easy to install and take off. Opening and closing the cover is an easy one-hand job.


These covers range from $200 all the way up to $1000. The main price determinant is whether the cover is a hard or soft one. Of course, most drivers expect their tonneau to deliver the best safety possible, but it comes at a price. If you can pay the extra bucks, you should definitely go with a hard folding cover. Hard tonneaus are on a completely different level when compared to soft ones.

Folding tonneau cover summary

It is easy to see that a tonneau cover is a must-have accessory. To sum it all up, the main decision that you have to make is whether you want to purchase a soft folding or a hard folding tonneau cover. Of course, a hard folding option is better in all ways, except for how easy it is to install, take off, open, and close due to it obviously being heavier than a soft folding cover. Hard folding covers are more expensive as well. They cost three or even four times the price of soft folding covers, but there are a few reasons for that. Hard covers are more durable, they remain usable for a longer period of time, and they have a higher level of safety. You can stand on them, put heavy objects on them, and you can’t cut through them with a knife, unlike a soft cover, which can be cut open by applying enough force. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how secure you want your belongings in the truck’s bed to be and how much money you are willing to give away for the cover. Whatever decision you make you can be certain that with a tonneau cover your belongings will be stored safely in the bed of your truck. Our pick is the Extang 83475 Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for 2015-2018 Ford F-150. That’s because it’s a hard folding tonneau, but at a reasonable price. It’s an affordable market-leading product.
P.S. Tonneau covers also give you slightly better fuel mileage due to decreased air resistance.

Questions and Answers

You can on hard ones, it isn’t recommended to put any weight on soft ones.

Yes, they can. Although a hard cover might let threw some moisture.

No, they all lock with the tailgate.

A hose and sope. A car wash will do the job great.

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