When owning a Ford F-150, one of “must-have” accessories is a tonneau cover. The main reason to purchase one is security. Keeping your belongings in an open truck bed is never safe, a tonneau cover easily solves this problem. On top of that, a tonneau cover makes your truck more practical, gives you better mileage and gives your car a fresh new look. In this review, we will review roll-up tonneau covers. There are soft roll-up covers and hard roll-up covers. In this review, we give you 5 best roll-up tonneau covers on the market based on customer reviews and our personal experience.

Top Rated Roll-up Bed Covers

Truxedo Lo Pro Roll-up Truck Bed Cover 597701 — A lightweight rollup cover with the most reasonable price

If you’re looking for a sleek truck cover made for heavy-duty work, then allow us to bring to your attention the Truxedo Lo Pro roll-up truck bed cover. With this tonneau, you will get a low-profile design with it sitting only 3/4” above the truck bed. This roll-up tonneau cover enhances your truck’s appearance and keeps your belongings secure. To own this cover, you’ll have to pay slightly over a few hundred bucks.

This Truxedo bed cover is engineered with a quick-release system that enables the user to be able to open and close the entire truck cover in seconds. It provides true 100% full bed access to the user, unlike a folding tonneau cover would, covering up a small part of the truck bed when folded.

The installation will take only up to five minutes and will require only minimal tools as no drilling is required. The tonneau also has automatic tension control and a patented design that allows the cover to maintain a tight fit and look great in extreme temperatures and any harsh weather conditions.

Roll-up tonneau covers tend to wear out, the soft structure gets worn out from temperature changes and loses tension. But with a new technology from the team over at Truxedo, your soft roll-up tonneau will last you much longer than it would before.

To install the tonneau, all you need to do is mount it on the inside of the truck bed. Also, after installation, you still have access to the stake pockets for the installation of additional truck accessories, which is pretty rare on the market currently.

This Truxedo bed cover is built to provide the user with a simple operation technique, the cover has an anodized single trigger latch that requires only one finger to open it, after what all you need to do is roll up the cover and strap it into place. This high-quality truck cover is made from industrial strength leather grain fabric, which is tear resistant. The sealing system is held up together by two velcro strips.

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  • Automatic tension control keeps the cover tight with minimal manual adjustments needed.
  • Lifetime warranty covers all parts of the tonneau. Even the fabric.
  • Tear-resistant leather-grain vinyl.
  • You shouldn’t put any objects on top of the cover. Although it is resistant to the elements (including snow).

Tonno Pro LR-3045 Lo-Roll Tonneau Cover — A cheap high-quality rollup tonneau cover

If you want a combination of great value and amazing quality, then this product is all you’ll need to fulfill or even outgo the qualities you need in a tonneau cover. Tonno Pro tonneau covers are engineered to provide its users with unmatched quality and affordability. The Tonno Pro Lo-roll roll-up tonneau cover is one of the most versatile truck bed covers on the market today. The cost of this soft roll-up cover is a bit under $300.

The cover has a patented front flap with weather tight seals and special-coated stitching that keeps moisture out. Installation of the cover will take up to 25 minutes, but that is because the cover’s rails attach to the sides of the truck bed with the help of special clamps, leaving the stake bed pockets open to install any of your other favorite accessories.

The installation of this Lo-roll is easy because no drilling is required. All you need for installation is a 17mm socket, ratchet and just a little bit of mechanical know-how. When closing the cover, don’t forget to make sure that the cover is securely locked into place and that the velcro sides are tightly connected.

This tonneau comes with adjustable tension control plates. A game-changing feature in a roll-up tonneau cover, as it prolongs the life of the tonneau cover. When the vinyl cover starts to lose tension due to long use and harsh weather conditions, all you need to do is tighten the tension control plates, and the tonneau is as good as new. The rails are aluminum, the cover itself is made from tear-resistant, double-sided, marine grade Teradyne vinyl which is regarded as the highest standard in the industry so far. The product has a beautiful black textured finish.

On top of being of very high quality for a pretty low price, the tonneau will most likely cover its cost after a long period of it being in use. The reason for that is that the cover is expected to give you up to 10% better fuel mileage, as the manufacturer says. The cover comes with a lifetime warranty, which is even more surprising, considering the cover’s price.

  • Additional safety and sturdiness as it is attached by special clamps.
  • Double-sided tear-resistance (objects can’t penetrate the cover from the inside as well).
  • Tension control plates prolong the cover’s usage
  • Multiple claims of leakages from customers. But, customer service is great (they change the cover if needed).

Lund 96872 Genesis Elite Roll Up Tonneau Cover — A top-quality expensive tonneau cover with multiple features

We all know that the more you pay – the more you get. This cover from Lund is considered to be one of the most high-quality roll-up tonneaus on the market. The price for this soft roll-up tonneau ranges from $300 to $400.

This Lund cover is made with heavy duty velcro straps and clamps, making this tonneau cover one of the most secure, if not the most secure, that you can get on the market. This cover will keep any unwanted moisture, dust or anything else out of the bed of your truck. The cover itself is made out of superior twill weave fabric that has a beautiful black UV-ray resistant finish.

You can be sure that everything that the team over at Lund claims is true, the product is backed up by a big amount of positive customer reviews. This roll-up tonneau cover is engineered to overpower any harsh weather condition. The weatherproof fabric used has

hassle-free tension control for a tight fit and it’s custom made to match your truck bed specifications. The cover doesn’t require any maintenance. If there is a need to give the cover a wash, all you’ll need is soap and water to make it look as good as new.

The Genesis Elite Roll Up tonneau cover comes in pre-assembled condition for an easy twenty-minute installation with no drilling required.

The cover comes with special clamps that make installing the side rails as simple and easy as it could be. The Lund has a multi-finned rubber seal that is placed on both front and rear rails. The seal helps protect your truck bed from the elements and from dirt. The cover slightly reduces drag, giving you better fuel mileage. The tonneau comes with a Limited Lifetime warranty. You should make sure that after purchasing the product that you go to the manufacturer’s website and register for your warranty. Lund covers are proudly made in the USA.

  • Multi-finned rubber seal gives additional moisture and dirt resistance.
  • HAARTZ maintenance-free material, which has market-leading durability.
  • Requires only soap and water to be washed. Unlike most other covers (require special cleaning sprays).
  • Multiple claims of latches breaking over time. But, they are covered by the warranty, and Lund sends you a replacement.

BAK Industries Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Cover — The most expensive cover with the best security and quality

There are very few big names in truck aftermarket accessories brands, but BAK is definitely one of them. BAK has been the leading innovator in the industry for almost thirty years now. This is the brand that invented hard folding tonneau covers back in 2005 and has brought hard roll-up tonneau covers to the market as well. The price of a BAK X4 cover for your Ford F-150 is in a close range around $1000, one of the most expensive, but most likely the best roll-up tonneau cover you can get on the market today.

This cover comes with a beautiful low profile design with a stunning matte black finish. This hard aluminum roll-up cover can be easily rolled up or down with one hand, the most effortless manual opening and closing of a cover that you get on the market.

When opened, the cover allows the use of every inch of the truck bed without blocking the rear view window. When closed, the BAK tonneau is secured into place with the help of an automatic latching system.

To unlock it, you just need to pull on the pull-cable. The locking mechanism has a patented design. A rotational locking rail, which gives a 3/4” engagement into the roll top itself. This feature helps distribute weight more evenly over the top of the cover, making it very sturdy. The locking lever, on engagement, secures and locks the whole cover in place

Like all of the other roll-up tonneau covers, the BAK will need about twenty minutes to be installed. The side rails are secured into place with the help of clamps. No drilling and only simple tool are required.

The cover comes with an extended 3-year warranty.

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  • Highest quality on the market from the most trusted brand. Minimal customer complaints about quality.
  • Even weight distribution allows transporting objects on top of the tonneau. But don’t go too heavy
  • Patented locking rails secure the whole cover to the bed, giving this cover market-leading security.
  • Multiple complaints about receiving scratched rails with the cover. BAK exchanges them when needed.

BAK Industries Revolver X2 Hard Roll-up Bed Cover — An affordable market-leading product

In most cases, the best option to go with is the original one. The product that was first on the market, the one that everyone duplicates trying to make their own. The BAK X2 hard roll-up cover is such a product. With this tonneau cover, BAK Industries introduced hard roll-up tonneau covers to the market. Innovation and leading technologies have always been an important part of the company’s life. Although the cover is basically the same in functionality as the X4 is, it is a little bit cheaper. You’ll have to pay somewhere around nine hundred for the truck cover.

This sleek and stylish cover will bring a fresh new look to your car, as well as a high level of security.

The BAK X2 doesn’t have a key slot on top, which automatically eliminates potential failure. The only thing you need to rely on to lock and secure the cover is the tailgate. This cover utilizes the same patented technologies as the BAK X4. A one of a kind rotational locking system, which is described clearly in the X4 review.

The cover opens and closes very easily with the help of just one hand and minimal effort. For comfort, BAK has installed pulling cables on both sides of the truck so you can open the cover easily from any side. The installation will take you up to twenty minutes and will be done the same way as with all the other tonneau covers, with the help of clamps and simple tools, no drilling is required. The cover comes with a three-year warranty.

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  • Flexible aluminum body and weight distribution allow putting cargo on top of the tonneau.
  • Resistant to knives and other sharp objects, unlike soft roll-up tonneaus.
  • Has all X4 qualities, but for a lower price. Lacks only a bit of sturdiness.
  • A reoccurring problem with BAK products is that they come damaged. BAK always replaces the broken parts, but it is still an unpleasant hassle.

Buyer’s Guide

Difference between a hard and soft roll-up tonneau cover

There are two types of roll-up tonneau covers on the market. Soft and hard roll-up tonneau covers. The main difference between them is that one is made out of aluminum plates, while the other is out of a whole piece of fabric or leather. All of the other features fall out from the material out of which the cover is made. Hard covers are much more durable. They can withstand a lot more weight on top of them, they can’t be easily penetrated by sharp objects, they are attached better to the bed of the truck. Soft covers can be cut threw, they tend to wobble from the wind at high speeds, they can be slightly opened when locked, as the sides are attached only by velcro straps to the bed’s sides. Both of these types can withstand harsh weather conditions and dust. A soft cover is generally needed to keep the public’s eyes away from your cargo and keep it dry. We do not recommend to leave your truck unprotected with valuable items under your soft roll-up cover. Hard roll-up covers, on the other hand, are much more secure. You can leave your belongings in the bed of your truck, as they are much more secure.

Tension control

This is a feature that is needed only for soft roll-up covers, as they are made out of fabric or leather. If the cover has no tension control, it is a hassle having to always tighten the cover up. The cover will wobble on bumpy roads and on the highway unless it’s tightened. In our review, all three soft roll-up covers have tension control. It still requires to be fixed up manually, but a lot less, and it stays tight much longer.

Low-profile design

All roll-up tonneau covers have a low-profile design. This means that the tonneau stays flat on the bed of your truck. This is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, it looks as if the tonneau is part of your truck. It has a sleek and stylish look, merges perfectly with the F-150’s curves and angles. Secondly, it gives you slightly better fuel mileage. The cover eliminates the air restriction that was caused by the bed of the truck being completely opened, as it turns into a flat surface. It also ensures that the cover is safely attached to the truck.


The roll-up tonneau covers in our review range from $250 to About $1100. It is understandable, that the prices of the soft covers are twice, or even three times less than prices for the hard ones. That is because soft covers are only to keep the publics eyes and the elements out of your truck’s bed, whereas hard covers also provide a high level of security. If you use your truck to only drive groceries, then you can go with a soft tonneau. Otherwise, we recommend getting a hard roll-up tonneau for its level of security.

Roll-up tonneau cover summary

With such an amount of tonneau covers on the market, it is very hard to decide what exactly you want. Even if you have made the decision to buy a roll-up tonneau cover, you still have a whole lot of options to choose from. Of course, if you are willing to pay extra, you should go with a hard roll-up tonneau cover. They are a lot sturdier, you can put objects on top of the cover, and the level of safety is much higher than you would receive from a soft cover of this category. Hard covers are more comfortable to roll up and down. Their disadvantages, except for being more expensive, is that hard covers occupy a little bit more space when rolled up, and they are heavier, making installation and transportation a bit harder. Our choice is the BAK Industries Revolver X2 cover. It has all the best qualities needed in a hard roll-up tonneau cover, the price isn’t the highest on the list, and the product will last you for many years, most likely your whole truck’s lifespan. If you’re going for a cheaper option, than go with the Tonno Pro soft roll up cover. The only downside is that the cover isn’t as safe as a hard cover would be, but the rest is basically the same, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Don’t waste time, cover up your truck bed with one of these market-leading roll-up tonneau covers. Tonneau covers come with many benefits and they give distinctive style to your truck.

Questions and Answers

Yes, you can. The water won’t leak through. You can do it with your belongings in the bed of your truck.

Yes, they are. Just make sure they are tightened well and the velcro straps are attached.

Yes, it does stretch after years of usage. Just make sure it is always tightened and you won’t see a difference for years.

We don’t recommend you to put any weight on soft tonneaus. Manufacturers don’t specify how much weight you can put on top of hard tonneaus, but they can easily hold a bike or a few pieces of wood.

No, you don’t hear them at all the first few years, and they start giving minimal amounts of sound after years of usage.

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